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TikTok video editor

TikTok is a service for watching and creating short videos where even not the most media personalities can find their success in terms of popularity and publicity. The international version of TikTok was launched in 2018 and became one of the most downloaded apps in no time. TikTok used to be a very controversial topic around many countries and even blocked of use in places. This makes TikTok reclaim even more popularity as we know the more you restrict, the more interest it produces.

Video editing app for TikTok

With the growing popularity of TikTok, there has also been a need for processing these videos. Various ideas and their implementation are possible due to video editing. Often, not every user knows how to process video in accordance with the idea, so there are more and more apps to edit TikTok videos have appeared.

But how to choose a fundamentally different service that will not only do what you require, but also do it the best way possible?

Tik Tok video editor responsibilities

Foremost, it is important that the application performs its function in accordance with the tasks that you set for it.

It is also significant to have a visual library of filters, transitions, and video effects that allows you to edit TikTok video using your social media video maker.

The use of the application to be simple and accessible for any age category is also the main concern.

Last, but not least, is to have feedback from customers to keep the app fresh and up to date based on your wishes and suggestions.

5 reasons to use Vjump editor

Editing TikTok videos is now more accessible with Vjump's TikTok video editor. There is no need to download complex programs that take months to figure out, or even take training courses on how to edit videos based on these programs.

  1. Easy to use social media video maker

The interface is simple and understandable for both beginners and advanced users. This allows the younger and older generations to interact on the same level and better understand each other's interests. Thus, even your grandmother will now not only watch your videos with interest, but maybe even start her page on TikTok!

  1. The application is adapted for the TikTok platform

Whatever it is on your mind, the vjump app can easily adjust to any of your preferences and provide a high-quality editing to Tik Tok videos. A wide range of transitions and options are available to the users at any point of time.

  1. Processing is done by hand for maximum efficiency

Using Vjump TikTok video editor, you get not just an online application for processing your videos. You get a professional assistant in the face of our video editors who manually process your videos and ideas that you want to implement. Thus, automatic processing or the use of algorithms and bots that act according to a script is excluded, which usually reduces the quality of the final result and often abolishes the idea itself. This is especially true when your idea for a video is unique, as long as automated applications work with popular requests at their best. However, with Vjump, even the simplest requests will be handled manually by professional editors in Adobe Premiere.

  1. The library of effects, transitions, and options is constantly updated based on your requests.

You will find a set of thumbnails and templates in the app that are regularly in demand when processing and applying TikTok video effects. It can be commonplace cropping, looping, as well as making interesting transitions from scene to scene, which are mainly the unique ideas for such videos. Surely you have seen videos where they throw an iPhone in front of a mirror then it returns to hands and the operator turns in a different outfit with that transition. Various magic tricks to copy yourself in the room, and more of that is possible with Vjump. With our application, you can combine various videos into a single whole.

  1. Competitive price and processing time

Depending on the complexity of the work and the number of selected effects, you can upload the finished video to your TikTok within 5-10 minutes after sending the request for processing.

The price for manual processing will not differ much from competitors based on automated algorithms.

Video editor for TikTok

Using Vjump TikTok editing app is pretty easy. All you need is an Android or iPhone for iOS-based smartphones with the ability to record video.

  • Record video on your smartphone

  • Load into Vjump TikTok editor and select the required aspect ratio that matches the platform for placement, let it be stories, YouTube or TikTok directly.

  • Don't forget to crop the unnecessary and stretch your video to the required format and selected resolution.

  • Select the audio for your video if you have it in your storage

  • Select the necessary effects and transitions for your video.

  • Send our editors a comment with wishes for your video, with clarifications that need to be implemented, taking into account all the scenes.

  • Click submit for processing and wait a bit.

  • Evaluate the result in 5 minutes and share it with your friends!

Edit video for TikTok

We always welcome feedback from our users using the TikTok video editing app. We do the job quickly and efficiently, but if you are not satisfied with the result, then we are always ready to work on the mistakes, taking into account your notes. Therefore, feel free to indicate your needs in the comments under the uploading video.

If you love to create exciting video scenarios being in the director's chair, we are happy to help you with the Vjump TikTok video editor!