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Head turn transition Tiktok

Since the inception, TikTok has set the standards to entertain your viewers in the shortest amount of time. The basic format is 15-second short clips where the author have to perform sort of an action and further processing of the video makes interesting video tricks that attract the attention of viewers. In most cases, video is accompanied by any modern and popular audio composition. The task for the creator is not only to make an interesting video, but also to combine audio and video to make it synced and look styled. A lot of style points could be added with the use of different transitions.

Head turn TikTok trend

Today we are going to talk about head turn transition that become a part of TikTok trends recently. TikTok's trends are based on the viewership reaction to something new implemented, such as transitions or the way it is being performed. Most of the transitions that set the trend are not even that hard to perform, however, it takes some knowledge.

How to do TikTok transitions head turn

To make the head turn transition, you need to understand the concept of any transitions.

TikTok clip usually consists of at least 2 clips merged together via some action that is called transition. It can be a head turn or camera swing, or a combination of these two to make it look cooler. We simply divide our action such as head turn on two parts, and the end of the first clip should be a precise start for the second clip. Before making a transition, you need to think about the story you want to convey or what is the transition done for. Is it location change? Or maybe you want to put on glasses during it? Or maybe the outfit change?

Pick one, and then use your transition to make it look seamless between your scenes sequence. The transition should be looking like a distraction, that is why it makes wow-effect, like a magic trick, when you can not understand how things appeared.

TikTok head turn transition wow effect

So record your 1st scene starting a head turn on a picked side plus make a camera swing when it keeps looking on you, so it does the effect of everything around you start to rotate. The trick here is to make it look like your head make 360-degree turn, when it is physically impossible. Therefore, your next scene should be a continuation of that rotation.

If everything is done right, then  it is time to edit your video.

TikTok head turn transition app

If you have hard time syncing your transition scenes in standard app, the easy way would be to use Vjump app. Our video editors will do all the processing and editing pretty quick all you got to do a few clicks. App works great both on iPhone for iOS and Android devices.

  • Find the app in your App Store, download and install it

  • Open the app and add your clips there

  • Choose the effect or transition that you want to apply on

  • Send the clips for processing and wait for 5 minutes

  • Share the results on TikTok, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts

Published: March 29, 2022

Updated: March 29, 2022

Let’s create impressive effects/transitions for TikTok without video editing skills!