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Easily create cool transition & special effects videos like popular social media influencers!

Alexander Lozitsky

Alexander Lozitsky

VJump CEO and Founder, Ukraine

More and more interesting video content appears on social networks every day. Accordingly, the requirements for its quality and originality are growing.

One of the main criteria for the success and virality of video content is the creation of incredible special effects and transitions.

By installing the VJump app, the user can select a scene video template with an effect/transition, get instructions on how to shoot video scenes, and send them to professional editing. Our video editors, working 24/7, will make professional processing with high quality in a short time.

VJump's goal is to make creating amazing videos with cool effects and transitions available to anyone without video editing skills!

Why choose VJump app?

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Catalog with 1500+ video scenes

Our team is constantly updating the catalog with new video templates with creative transitions and effects. We monitor trends daily and cooperate with vloggers to provide them with the opportunity to post their video templates.

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Easy to use even for beginners

No need to master professional video editing software anymore. Upload your videos in the VJump app and get high-quality video processing from our team of professional editors.

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High-quality processing

Every time, your videos are processed by a skilled team of video editors. Professional video editing ensures high quality of the final video, which cannot be achieved in automatic video editors.

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Fast processing result

Getting professional video editing in 20-30 minutes is absolutely possible with the VJump app. Our video editors work 24/7, saving you time and creating cool video content for social networks.

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After the video editor has processed the video, it is sent back directly to the client and deleted from the editor's computer. VJump cares about the security of your videos and does not share them with third parties.

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Earn in the VJump app

If you are a video editor or vlogger, then by becoming a verified VJump creator, you can place your original videos in the app's catalog. Raise your popularity and earn commission on every purchase of your video story.


Alexander Lozitsky

Alexander Lozitsky

CEO and Co-Founder, Ukraine

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Andrey Kazanovsky

Andrey Kazanovsky

Creative Director, Co-Founder, Ukraine

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