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About us

VJump app is specifically designed for creative editing and pro merging of your footage to turn them into impressive video production with magical effects.

Alexander Lozitsky

Alexander Lozitsky

VJump CEO and Co-Founder, Ukraine

Nowadays, more and more various video content appears on social networks. Many people want to stand out in this video stream, and it encouraged us to create a mobile application where everyone can find interesting scenarios with incredible transitions and a wide variety of effects for stunning video stories. Designed to be your 24/7 personal video editor, VJump combines all creative and professional skills to help you tell your wow story!

Missions and values

mission 1

Only high-quality production from an expert team

Be sure that our team of motion designers transforms your footage into engaging and professional-looking videos. Our best skilled and trained staff carefully create each video using your requirements and materials.

mission 2

Easy to use even for beginners

To make TikTok videos look impressively professional, now it is don't necessarily have any experience with video editing. It doesn't matter if you are a video editing beginner or an advanced user, you will appreciate VJump app. We provide a simple interface that allows you to easily create amazing videos.

mission 3

Fast video processing time

VJump provides not only professional but also a fast video production service that can create unforgettable video content for your stories and save you time. Get ready video content within 20 minutes and gain new followers.

mission 4

Data security

We know how important it is to protect your private data, so we do our best to ensure system security. We also respect your privacy and collect only the data that we need to work on to improve your experience.

mission 5

24/7 video processing and support

Our high-skilled team of editors works 24/7 to process your videos and complete all orders in time. If you need any assistance, contact our customer support team to get personalized help in a short time.

mission 6

Satisfying all customer needs

A high-quality approach is one of our advantages to impress your followers with masterpieces. To satisfy even the most demanding users, we offer free redo to provide you with an amazing result.


Alexander Lozitsky

Alexander Lozitsky

CEO and Co-Founder, Ukraine

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Andrey Kazanovsky

Andrey Kazanovsky

Creative Director, Co-Founder, Ukraine

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Igor Kotsariev

Igor Kotsariev

Marketing Director, Ukraine

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VJump: Transition Video Editor
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