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VJump is a video editing app designed specifically for talented video creators! Our platform offers a unique opportunity for bloggers and content makers to earn from their creative video templates, making them accessible to many people. With your help, creating video effects will become an accessible and engaging process for many users.

We invite creative individuals to join our catalog and provide the opportunity to add their own original video templates. Each time a client chooses your template and tries to create a video transition or any other effect, you receive a commission.
You don't have to worry about personally editing the videos. Our professional VJump designers will create the video effects themselves, and you will receive a commission from the sales.

You earn unlimited times by placing your video templates just once. VJump users will no longer wonder how to create visual effects in their videos. Remember, the more interesting your video templates are, the more revenue they will generate!

In the VJump app, you will have a personal author page where all your video templates will be collected and stored. You can also provide links to your social networks on your personal VJump page. In addition, you can feature yourself in the templates, gaining even more additional fame as a blogger.

How it works:

  1. Create your original video template with various effects and transitions.
  2. Upload it to VJump and wait for approval from the moderators.
  3. After clients choose your template, they receive instructions for shooting the scenes. Then, they send the recorded videos for the editing process.
  4. Our team edit that video based on the template you made.
  5. You receive a commission for each purchase of your template.

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