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Vacation transition Tiktok

If you are a travel vlogger and want to make a fun and entertaining video about your upcoming trip or vacation, the transition will help to make your videos interesting to watch.

Content matters the most, but nonetheless are transitions give your travel videos a facelift.

Today we are going to discuss the most common and simple transitions for vacation video.


With a simple use of your hands, you can teleport yourself in a snap of a finger from one location to another. Or you can change up your perspective lying on the bed, then lying on the swimming pool going into a hammock in the woods with your legs in front. Make sure that you have everything stays static and only the background of the scene changes.

Changing location with a twist

Use every day’s objects and treat them like magical teleportation gems, covering your cam with clothes, hat, or anything else swinging across the camera line of sight to add some variety. Be creative with items you use. Pretend to wipe the camera lens and use that as a transition to another location. Point to a location on your phone and zoom in to get into that location, zooming out when you are there. The main thing here is to cove a whole screen, so you can cut to the next scene.

Jumping transition

Do a little hop in one location and then do the same in another, then you can merge these two scenes making it look like you hop from one place into another midair.  For this, you need someone to film you or get a tripod that will hold the camera for you.

Walking away

The idea of this transition is to simply walk away of your camera and make a transition to the next location with every few steps away. To get the variety, you can also walk in front of your camera from one side to another and only background changes.


This case is good If you have only a selfie stick to work with and no friend or a tripod to hold your camera. You can transition yourself to traveling around the world by basically swinging your selfie stick starting from the bottom and going over your head. Do it multiple times, depending on the number of locations you want to transition to. That way you get something like “around the world” sequence.

TikTok vacation transition app to use

To help you edit all of those clips and transitions, you can use Vjump app which works great for iOS and iPhone the same good as for Android devices.

  • Install the app via App Store

  • Grant the rights requested by the app to make it work on your phone

  • Shoot your scenes and choose vacation transition to apply on

  • Send clips for editing and wait our experts to get the job done

It will take a while, you can have a coffee break during that, usually it takes about 10 minutes, and you can evaluate results in section with jobs done soon.

Published: March 29, 2022

Updated: March 29, 2022

Let’s create impressive effects/transitions for TikTok without video editing skills!