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Clone transition TikTok

So far, cloning has not developed to the point where we can actually create copies of ourselves, we can only settle for the wonders of video editing to do so. There are a lot of videos like this on TikTok that are gaining tons of views. Even though it is not hard to do, there are clips that are technically challenging and require a special TikTok clone app for such transitions. Today we are going to enlighten a simple technique allowing you to clone yourself in a video.

TikTok clone transition explained

The concept here is as follows:

Make sure the backdrop in your video stays the same, and there will be enough room in your camera frame for two people, you and your clone. It is important that you do not overlap in the frame and that you do not mix scenes.

Set your camera on a tripod and come up with some kind of dialogue with yourself.

Stand with your back to the wall and begin your narrative by addressing your copy. Here you have to imagine that you are not alone in the rum, but for that, we still need to make a second clip.

Having recorded your "monologue" address to an imaginary friend, it is the time to prove to everyone that he exists! Stand next to your position from the first clip, and begin to give answers to the questions your clone asked in our previous clip.

This way, when you combine these two clips, we get a seamless dialogue between you and your clone. For a more complex performance akin to forming several clones from a single point and "coming out of itself" you will need more sophisticated software with the ability to overlay a green screen in the desired areas and with the framing of your animation. As complicated as all these sounds, it can be achieved with our online video editors if you are already using our application.

App clone TikTok transition to use

All you need to do is a few clicks on your smartphone for quick and easy editing.

  • Find and install Vjump from in the App Store for iOS if you are using iPhone or Play Market for Android devices.

  • Grant the app all the requested rights to work with your smartphone

  • Add your clips in the app (or make them with the app)

  • Pick the clone transition effect there and click apply

  • Wait for 5 minutes for our editors to do the job and then share your new clips on TikTok!

Published: March 29, 2022

Updated: March 29, 2022

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