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Flash effect to Tiktok in video editor

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Add flash effect in video editor

The TikTok app is filled with different effects and filters. But there are like over a thousand of those, which makes it kind of overwhelming to understand its use for certain content. The most recent trend starting in 2019 was the use of the flash effect that allows you not just to spice up your scene, but also cover most of its flaws. If you are using certain footage on your video, it can make a video looks fake, especially when there is a sort of overlapping between scenes.

TikTok effects explained

Before going any deeper into the flash filter on TikTok, we need to explain how TikTok videos are made in their most common way. The main idea is to merge 2 separate scenes recorded one by one with any sort of transition or video effect that will make it look seamless. 1st you need to pick what you are going to convey in your video, and what is the story about. Then you need to choose footage or background that is appropriate to that convey, and you can use it as a digital prop. Then you need to find a way how to make it all work together, looking natural. This can be achieved with a variety of video effects, the same as with directing your film to create a seamless transition, for instance.

TikTok flash effect ideas

The most common idea behind the blinking effect TikTok is to add something in your scene that is not supposed to be there. But it reveals a sort of magic through the effect, giving a mystery about the story you convey.

Girls usually add footage with celebrity men trying to seduce them and things like that. To add the celebrity or anything to your scene, you just need to find transparent footage or an image of that person. Then you need to position it accordingly in the scene and apply some flash effect that will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. With that flash effect, you do not have to do additional post-processing, because the effect is good to cover color, lighting, and other differences between fake images and real scenes.

Flaws of flash effect in TikTok

You can be very creative and go further from static transparent images to animations in your videos via the flash effect. But the main convey would be the same – something appears through the flash effect. To be able to do it more creatively, you need to have more powerful tools to process your video more accurate way. It is achievable with Adobe Premiere and After Effects software, which you may be familiar with. That software enables you to make pixel-perfect masks, and animations, do transparency, merge multiple scenes, use the chroma key, and many other tools. But learning that software can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Then, what to do, if you do not have that much time but want to have quality content at the same time? Here we want to present you the Vjump app.

Flashing effect TikTok app

Vjump app allows you to use all the functionality of TikTok but with a quality of manual editing. This is achievable because we have actual video editors that process your videos through the app and send you the result.

 To test it out, all you need to do is

  •  Open App Store on your iPhone for iOS or Play Market for any Android devices and install Vjump app
  • Grant the rights that app will request in order to work properly on your device
  • Open app and record your video
  • You can also add any footage or image to it with the notes what we should do with it
  • Choose filters you like to apply on your content and press send for processing
  • Wait for five to twenty minutes to get the result

After a while, you will receive push-notifications about the job done. You can find your processed video in the section with completed requests. When you send your contents to our editors, it is very helpful if you would like to make some notes to pay their attention to what you want to do with certain contents. We also have a good preview library in app that help you to choose filters and transitions. We always read feedbacks and if you are not satisfied with the results we are glad to make a rework for you.

Alexander Lozitsky Alexander Lozitsky
Published:  March 29, 2022
Updated:  March 29, 2022
What app can create a flash effect on Tiktok?
The VJump app is the best app for creating a flash effect on TikTok. You should just follow the download link, install the app and follow the instructions. It is easy to use and you can get a result in a short time.
How to make a flash effect for TikTok in a video editor mobile app?
To make a flash effect for TikTok in a video editor mobile app, you will need to download the VJump app and use its powerful editing tools to create the effect.
Why does VJump app have a better quality of flash effects for TikTok?
VJump app offers a higher quality of flash effects for TikTok because it has a suite of professional editing tools and features, such as the ability to adjust the intensity of the flash, the speed of the flash, and the color of the flash. Additionally, VJump's editing tools are designed with a user-friendly interface to make it easier for users to create the perfect flash effect for their TikTok videos.
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