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Tiktok stop motion effect

Stop motion effect TikTok

TikTok's effects are one of the fundamental tools for creating unique content. By additionally processing the video, you attract more viewers and subscribers to your account as a result. The stop motion effect on TikTok appears in the recommendations very often, which indicates the popularity of this effect. It is important to understand how to use it and how to shoot videos to apply this effect on it.

Videos with this effect have been in trends for a long time, while their essence is basic: a certain angle is selected for shooting, while the author performs an action or says a phrase. After that, the effect is applied and the image freezes. After that, the video continues and the user can either show their reaction to the previous scene playfully or use a stop-motion effect in this scene to overlay the audio track in sync. You can use this effect in many ways, the imagination is the limit.

Despite the popularity of such humorous content, there is always room for imagination to come up with your own plot based on this effect.

TikTok stop motion effect with app

To use the TikTok stop motion filter, you need to add the Vjump app on your iPhone for iOS or Samsung and any other Android device. Open up Play Market or App Store according to the device you use and install the app. It will ask you to grant some rights during installation in order to work properly on your device.

As you have installed the app, you can start recording your clips. Based on your convey, there could be 1 clip that we will sync with the audio you attached. Or it can be multiple clips, therefore stop-motion would be used to duplicate yourself to react on your copy. You can make notes for our editors what exactly they should do with it. In case you are not satisfied with the job done, make sure to send your clip to rework with detailed notes on what designers need to pay additional attention to.

Stop-motion TikTok ideas

It is difficult to shoot content regularly because new topics and stories are needed. If you are having trouble creating stop-motion movies, you can take inspiration from these options:

  1. You can act out a funny scene where you are poured with water. But due to the stop-motion effect, another person is poured instead of you.

  2. Or, for example, you write an essay while at the school desk. And the effect displays yourself a copy with thoughts at that moment.

  3. You can also play with the size difference. You stand in front of a small object while shooting the object as close to the camera as possible. After that, the author appears in the background and does something funny.

  4. Very popular videos now, where the author, with a plate or a pan in his hands, makes a stop-motion in order to crash into his own dishes and fall.

You can always copy others for own practice, then you can make your own unique content of that.

Published: March 29, 2022

Updated: March 29, 2022

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