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Boost your sales with Instagram: Black Friday Strategies

Boost your sales with Instagram: Black Friday Strategies

Originally, Black Friday as a term was invented in the United States. It falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day marking the start of the Christmas shopping season. In a nutshell, it is a massive discounted shopping day, where consumers make big savings online and get time-limited deals in-store. In the last few years, a number of retailers have dramatically slashed their prices on this day to encourage people to buy goods in the run-up to Christmas. So it is no surprise it’s become one of the busiest shopping days in the US and Black Friday fever has even spread to the UK and China up to 2023. The term Black Friday was first used in the 1960s when so many people went out to shop, causing traffic accidents and even violence amongst bargain-hunting crowds. Another theory behind the name is that Black Friday is the day when shops’ accounts would go from being in the red to black. So there you have it – big discounts in lots of shops for one day. Today we discuss how to boost online sales on Instagram on Black Friday event and share tips and strategies for promotion on the platform in this regard.

Instagram Black Friday

The historically biggest income on Black Friday had been reached in 2019 and was $7.4 Billion in online sales. So how can you get a small piece of that pie?

Boost your sales with Instagram: Black Friday Strategies — Photo №1

Promo type selection

First, we need to decide on what your promotion is going to be exactly and how long it is going to run for. In terms of your promotion, you may offer:

  • Sale
  • Discount code
  • Product bundle
  • Create a new and unique product

All those options in the list are good to run for Black Friday or another sale at any time in the year and they do all the work.

Duration of your promo

The next thing you need to decide is the duration of your promotion. Most of the time people run BF for one day as the most hype gathers around. However, you can also spread it over a few days. If you run the promotion for several days, you need to know how to keep it interesting. The day you announce it, it is going to be the most interesting, but on the second day and the day after the interest will naturally fall if you do not bring up new incentive factors to maintain that interest. For instance, you can implement expiring bonuses to your product. Let’s say we have 4 products to discount, and participating on day one, your customers will get all the bonuses, the day two they will get only three out of four bonuses, and so on. This will maintain your audience engagement as they have something to lose. Another way to hook up your customers is to set the price increase ratio for each purchase made. So, you can start from the rock-bottom price tag and increase it by a certain percentage for each next purchase so people see it is growing online and make them urge to buy it on day one as the longer they wait the higher the price.

Optimize your content for Mobile devices

One key tip is to optimize your promo for mobiles. Do not make it hard for people to pay you from the comfort of their phones. Any hiccups in the buying process when people are trying to check out on their phones will result in losing sales. In 2019 Black Friday shopping was also the biggest day for mobile shopping with sharing $3 Billion from overall sales.

Process Execution and Resume

As we have everything set, now we need to understand the proper execution of our promo. Focusing on Instagram we need to leverage our profile to get our sale or promotion out there.

Pre-schedule all of your Instagram content before the sale starts. Change your bio on your profile according to the event. Do a profile makeover, and change the image picture using black colors or makeup to emphasize the event.

Black Friday Instagram stories

Boost your sales with Instagram: Black Friday Strategies — Photo №2

We divide the ideas for Instagram stories into four main categories:

  1. Visibility
  2. Engagement
  3. Leads generation
  4. Sales


When you are getting ready for your sale or promotion, you want to get as many eyes on your profile as possible. So here is a story idea that you can use to do just that.

  • Our 3 favorite Instagram accounts for [Niche] inspiration are…

And then you go ahead and find their handle name and tag them in your story. When you do this, they get notified that you’ve tagged them and they can share your Story in their Story giving you exposure to their audience.


To estimate more feedback and engagement, the first thing you can do is to teas your Black Friday campaign or your next promotion by showing a few sneak peeks, or behind the scenes at what you are working on. You can even have your followers guess what you are working on by dropping them a question sticker. Or you can drop a poll where you ask your followers “Which team you’re on?” and the teams could be your products.

Lead Generation

As your sale is almost here you want to build anticipation. Use the countdown sticker in your Stories to let people know the date and time when this is dropping. Here you can also talk about your offers more specifically, for instance:

If you are in the product business

  • 3 ways to style our signature [product]

If you are a service-based business

  • 3 ways why your [service] is different from the market

For coaching buseness

  • 3 ways to work smarter not harder to achieve your goals

The key here is to talk more specifically about what you offer but finish each Story with a call to action to either get on your waitlist or DM you for first access to what’s coming up.


This is when your promotion has launched and you want to be showing up in your Stories, talking about your promotion, sharing testimonials, product reviews, happy DMs and so on to share that your sale is ON. For instance:

  • Who [OFFER] was specifically designed for [YOUR MAIN AVATARS]
  • A big shout out to @__ who shared her review of our [PRODUCT/OFFER] – check out here!


Boost your sales with Instagram: Black Friday Strategies — Photo №3

Black Friday is a perfect event to raise your revenue on the product of your choice. Choose the way you run your promo considering type, duration, optimization, and execution tips were given. Organize your stories in accordance with the stages you are on and make them your Black Friday Instagram ads. Having this day in marketing culture makes that important to understand how to benefit from it by creating appropriate black friday Instagram posts on the subject and highlighting the process along the way.



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