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How to create a funny video for TikTok

How to create a funny video for TikTok

Everyone has a sense of humor to one degree or another, otherwise, you wouldn't have clicked on this article. However, you may understand jokes but not understand how to create them and how they work. For this purpose, we have collected a small list of trending ideas and tips to create funny TikTok videos in 2023, so that you can engage with your audience and go viral on the platform.

Ideas on how to make a funny TikTok

Everyone has a different sense of humor, and what to speak about the breadth of the audience in this regard. So it's important to understand your subscribers and what works for them to deliver it in the best way, so that we can give you trending ideas to create a funniest video on TikTok.

  • Lip Sync and Misheard Lyrics

One of the common trends is to choose a popular humorous audio clip or a video scene to lip-sync or dub it adding your own expressions and artistic behavior. You can also use a song where you misheard lyrics and interpret it in a TikTok video in the 2024 way using that.

  • Tik Tok comedy videos Reacts

This one is not new, however, you can show your personality and sense of humor by reacting to some TikTok funny video or memes you watch online or sharing your takes on scenes.

  • Pet Videos

Animals are either funny or adorable, so we know what option to choose here. If you have one, they would most likely do something weird and laughable that you just need to be ready and catch on your camera. Add your two cents on the video commenting on what has just happened to increase your audience engagement and add your own personality and uniqueness to that scene.

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  • Jokes content

If you have a great joke’s luggage in your back and are able to share it consistently, you can use that as people love listening to jokes. Here you can also express yourself differently even if the joke is old because different people present jokes differently, so do not forget to add yourself to that.

  • Impressions

If you are good at voice acting, you can probably mimic some celebrities or famous anime characters which should be quite entertaining to watch. Do not be shy to try, and maybe you have a talent for that!

How to create a funny video on TikTok

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As you have chosen your main idea to make fun, it is essential to understand what the TikTok platform is and how it works by itself. It is a flagman for short-form video content that is filled with transitions and effects for viewer engagement and you want to use these tools to your advantage and growth.

TikTok Features

  • Open the TikTok app and tap the plus sign at the bottom to start recording a video.
  • Make sure you are using good lighting and have a stable camera setup. A tripod or a stable surface can help eliminate shaky footage.
  • Consider using TikTok's built-in effects, filters, and timers to enhance your video's quality.

Transitions and Effects

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We recommend you use VJump as one of the greatest apps to make funniest TikTok videos. The app presents a whole library of visual templates to choose from and instructions on how to make effects and transitions with examples that you can choose from for your own creativity. The app shows you the ways and the most trending effects and transitions to make your video be cool and dynamic on top of being funny content. Good comedic timing is crucial for a funny TikTok video. Pay attention to the pacing of your jokes and punchlines.

Use quick cuts and transitions to keep your short funny TikTok videos engaging. TikTok offers various editing tools to help with this as well.

Music and sound

TikTok provides an extensive library of songs and sound effects. Use music or sound effects that complement your video's humor. Matching the right music with your humor can enhance the overall impact.



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