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YouTube Video Ideas for Content

YouTube Video Ideas for Content

Updated:  Jun 2, 2024
Created:  May 20, 2024
Time to read:  3 min

Everyone has a YouTube channel these days, but not many of them succeed with their content for YouTube. Videos are to make some value proposition tailored to convey a specific story, make a tutorial, to learn something while spending priceless time. To create points of interest we have gathered 15 YouTube ideas for videos in this article to help you decide what to shoot and what resonates with your mind and the mind of your audience.

15 YouTube Ideas for Videos

1. Explainer Videos

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Are you good at something? Use that to share this knowledge with your audiences on specific subjects. Make a step-by-step tutorial or explainer video showcasing how to achieve specific results on the subject you know best.

2. Review Videos

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When people want to buy something, the first thing they do is look for reviews. And video reviews are much better for that, unlike the flat text reviews which are bought most of the time for product advertisement. When people watch reviews on YouTube they build trust with content creators, especially when they showcase the product they want to buy from both sides being not biased or just advertising for money. Be sincere, consider what people might want to know about the product you review and the followage won’t make you wait any longer.

3. Storytelling Videos

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If you have a vibrant lifestyle, use that as an idea for YouTube videos. Most people these days stay at home and are lacking in this regard. Watching interesting videos that tell interesting stories and expanding their vision will find feedback in the hearts of many.

4. Advice and Tips Videos

YouTube Video Ideas for Content — Photo №4

Like explainer and tutorial content, Tips videos are of the same category of interest. If you are good at explaining something you could as well give Tips on specific subjects that you know better. Advise on how to improve something you know about, or even make it in ‘LifeHack’ style.

5. Q&A Videos

YouTube Video Ideas for Content — Photo №5

Q&A content is good for those who have gathered an audience and grasped their interest already. Hence, they might have been asking you questions in the comment section below the video on YouTube already. Make a list of those comments and then make a video where you respond to those questions. This will further establish the connection with your audience and is a great tool to interact with people watching you.

7. DIY YouTube Videos

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If you are handy in something, or know how to craft things, this is a useful skill to share with your audience. Showcase how to hand-make something that has strong resonation under the DIY hashtag.

8. Motivational Videos

YouTube Video Ideas for Content — Photo №7

Motivation is our everything. There is no moving force stronger than the motivational speech of people who succeed in something and you know about their success. If you achieved some goals in life, sports, or elsewhere, people would love to know how you made it. Tell them about the issues that test your endurance in chasing your goals and how you get through things to succeed. Inspire your audience and get positive feedback in no time.

9. Product Unboxing Videos

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There is something magical behind the unboxing process. Brands put a lot of effort into packing their product and presenting it in the best way possible, and people love to see how the “treasure” is being extracted.

10. Challenges Videos

YouTube Video Ideas for Content — Photo №9

Challenge videos are probably one of the easiest ways to go viral on the platform. People do stupid things for that and set challenges for others to beat them in this. Most challenges that involve social interaction have strong resonations with the audience because we don’t like to get out of our comfort zone. However, if you can do some social experiments or do something outrageous, people would like to watch this type of content and how others will compete with you.

11. React Videos

YouTube Video Ideas for Content — Photo №10

If you find yourself an emotional person who can share his extraversion with the audience, this priceless energy won’t get wasted. This is a category where they state ‘Fair usage’ of other’s content as you add something on top of it, be it your commentary or reaction. This is beneficial if you are out of ideas and just want to share your opinion or react to something. People love emotional content of such type.

12. Gameplay Videos

YouTube Video Ideas for Content — Photo №11

Back in the day, gaming was just a niche and only closest friends may be your best viewers in this regard. Nowadays game dev industry grabs the attention of millions creating a whole segment on social media platforms where people do playthroughs showcasing how to beat the game, set a record, done-quick videos, and other gaming challenges. This is a nice way to find a like-minded audience as you like the same games.

13. Travel Videos

YouTube Video Ideas for Content — Photo №12

If your lifestyle is all about traveling around the world and that is in common for you, not many people have this luxury in their lives. Sharing the places you visit, and showcasing your traveling routine packed with some interesting video effects and transitions will surely grab the attention of many.

14. Event Coverage Videos

YouTube Video Ideas for Content — Photo №13

Exciting happenings unfolding in your hometown? Arm yourself with a camera and a sprinkle of inventive video concepts.

Boost the allure of event coverage by reaching out to organizers for potential on-location interviews. Elevating your videos with these personal insights not only adds professionalism but also acts as a beacon, drawing fresh eyes to your channel.

15. Interviews

YouTube Video Ideas for Content — Photo №14

Delve into the minds of industry leaders, innovators, and influencers, sharing their stories and expertise with your audience. By hosting thought-provoking discussions and personal anecdotes, you'll inspire and inform viewers, offering them valuable insights and behind-the-scenes access to remarkable individuals. Embrace the opportunity to ignite curiosity and spark inspiration, crafting engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives meaningful connections.



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