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TikTok Copyright Music: What Creators Need to Know

TikTok Copyright Music: What Creators Need to Know

TikTok was invented a long time ago and established a short-form content format that became so popular that other video hosting platforms came to compete by implementing their own heading for short-form content known as YT Shorts and Instagram Reels, and now even Facebook opens its borders more for video content in that relation. However, using effects and seamless transitions is not the only way to go viral on the platform, you also want to use sound in sync with that editing. And issue lies here with Tik Tok songs being copyrighted and unable to be used legally. Today we are going to talk about the copyright music issues, how to fix it, and even how to make your own sound on TikTok.

As with any other platform or social media for video posting, you can get a copyright music claim or even a strike for using the song or soundtrack illegally. This may lead to your account being blocked if you do not follow these rules. And that is common sense because we do not want someone to use our own content for the same reasons. If you have the potential to benefit from using that, then if the song is not copyrighted the artist won’t get any revenue from that which is unfair use of intellectual property. This is why TikTok also has copyrighting measures to protect artists, creators, and musicians.

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To avoid that you can do two things. The first and the most obvious one is to use copyright-free music for TikTok which ensures that no claims would be given. And the second is to officially buy a license for the legal use of the sound. You can do that on Lickd which is a chart music library where you can get access to over a million songs from your favorite artists. This service is committed to making commercial music available to content creators and the price for a license starts from $8 per song. This license stays with you forever, which means that you will never have to worry about getting a copyright claim or strike down the road or having to delete your video or take it down. On top of that, with this license, you can monetize your video as you become a legal part of the business with the artist you bought the license from.

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If you are a musician and want your music to sound on TikTok, there are 2 ways of doing that. But at first, why would you do that? We can look at TikTok as a music distributor, at this point if you upload your own music on TikTok, and it pops you can go viral and famous on the platform and beyond. The simplest way to do that is just to upload a video that contains your soundtrack and mark it as original music. Then anybody can use that on TikTok if they like it.

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The more official way to have your own music on TikTok is to contact the middleman who is responsible for music distribution on TikTok. With that, you will benefit in two ways. First, you are going to appear in TikTok’s music library officially. Second, you will be able to copyright the music that you have created and thus protect it from illegible usage.



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