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How to do the Album Cover on TikTok

How to do the Album Cover on TikTok

How to do the Album Cover on TikTok

TikTok is a famous social media platform and video hosting where content creators compete and create viral trends using transitions and effects in their edits. Such a recent trend of 2023 appears to prove that any random image or photo can become an album cover. As time goes by, content creators excel in using assets to achieve a bizarrely professional effect to prove their point that any image may look like a cover. This becomes an inspiring stimulus for the community to catch on and set a whole trend of creating album art. Today we explain how to make album covers on your own, give you tips, and what tools to use.

How to make an album cover

If we take a look at most artists covers we notice that they contain certain assets that make for the overall effect of being the album cover. It is usually the main image or photo with a parental advisory sticker on top and maybe some additional graphics that content creators quickly recognize. Soon they find out that these two assets make for the album cover template and could be used in specific to turn any photo into the same very cover. Prenatal Advisory 1st implemented in 1985 to warn purchasers about explicit content that may include controversial topics or profanity. The sticker has been changed in time and the final update that we use nowadays was done in 1996. The template of parental advisory may be used to place any other information that the artist wants as this sign is so familiar to everyone that not using it at all is losing profits even if you do not mention any explicit content with your label.

How to do the Album Cover on TikTok — Photo №1

Make an album cover to mimic

In terms of performance, many TikTok users choose one of their favorite artists and look at their album covers trying to mimic what they see. In this way, the trend still gets fun, because not everyone is able to perfectly execute what they see. Nevertheless, there are examples where people thoroughly approach the process and literally copy everything down to the last detail. And to give the look of their own cover, they use that very sticker of parental advisory. So you can simply take any photo and add a Parental Advisory Label (PAL) sticker to indicate that you have a label or album of a music artist in front of you. You can take selfies or any picture in which you find the uniqueness.

How to do the Album Cover on TikTok — Photo №2

Album cover maker

You can do that with various methods starting from Adobe Photoshop and going to the app of your choice. It is all a matter of your experience in photo editing in most cases. However, we are going to show how to create an album cover with PicsArt today which we recommend using if you have no previous experience with anything else.

  1. Download the PicsArt application and open
  2. Browse your pictures to find one you want to edit
  3. Look at the library of effects within the application to apply to your taste. Using the grain effect makes it look more cover-like.
  4. Now we need to add a sticker which you will find in the corresponding tab and here we are looking for a ‘Parental Advisory’ sticker in particular. This sticker serves as a logo to add on a corner of your album cover template
  5. Now you can click next and save your image imported to your storage or camera roll.

How to do the Album Cover on TikTok — Photo №3

This is how to create an album cover, but now we need to place it on a TikTok video.

  • Open TikTok app
  • Press the plus button to create a video or find the ready-made clip to edit.
  • Tap the Upload box and add your image to the video
  • You can also add the popular tack from Hiiipower x DIAND to make sure the trend conditions are met.


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