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Everything you need to know about social share image size in 2022

Everything you need to know about social share image size in 2022

In 2022, the topic of social networks has become very popular, which are gaining more and more popularity around them every day. Millions of new users are registering on TikTok Instagram and other platforms, thereby creating many new users who are not yet versed in many issues. For example, how to change Instagram image sizes when creating your post, at first such questions seem very difficult and impossible, but over time everything becomes much easier, like in any business. And in order to make it easier to get acquainted with this or that social network. We will give you tips that will greatly help you join the ranks of new Internet users who are just starting their acquaintance with it.

What are the sizes of Facebook photos

Many people still don't understand or even know that the size of a photo or video plays a huge role when publishing their content. Imagine that you shot a video in 4k resolution that weighs a lot, a lot of time and effort was spent on shooting it, and only you wanted to post it, but you are simply not allowed.

Besides, in the same Facebook, there are restrictions that you need to listen to and fulfill all the necessary requirements because the social network is about the ease and speed of obtaining information. And if you want to post something supermassive, they won't let you. Therefore, before posting your photo or video on Facebook, you need to look at the recommended requirements for a particular content. By changing the Facebook image post size, you can make it half as small, or vice versa, bring the photo closer to the center, so that you can see more of something, you can implement many ideas in this way.

Is it possible to resize photos on Twitter

Do not be upset if you have already taken a photo and posted it, but it was not posted the way you wanted, because everything can be changed. In each social network in which you post your content, there is an opportunity to change or edit this or that action. There are no strict regulations that would prohibit changing the size of your photo directly on Instagram or Twitter, for instance. Therefore, if you have already posted a photo, but you understand that you don’t like it or just don’t fit in size, you can easily change it. Just click on the “details” button and select the edit size, there you can find all the tools you need to edit your photo that you don't like. Resizing a Twitter image size is a lot easier than it looks, but don't forget that you can resize a photo before you upload it, it can save you a lot of time.

Size features on Instagram

Some social networks have strict dimensions and frameworks that you just can’t go beyond, and Instagram has become one of these networks. Firstly, you need to understand that such social networks are aimed at making people relax and watch light content that will not load their heads.

And if you want to post an hour-long video on Instagram, then you simply will not be allowed to do this, because this social network does not contain such a volume of information at a time. You can use smaller videos, for example, a video history of 15 seconds, which can fit all the important information in a short period. Therefore, before posting something, carefully monitor social media sizes, this can play a big role in promoting your content.

What video formats are on TikTok

Everything you need to know about social share image size in 2022 — Photo №1

The question of video formats is very complex, and it is not aimed at people who have just registered and are starting to understand everything. It should be understood that there are a huge number of video formats, and each of them fulfills its role, besides, one format may simply not start on your phone or laptop, while the other can easily start playing. And speaking about TikTok, we can say that the H. 264 codec is used there, this is exactly the video format that is used there. In simple terms, this is a format that supports short videos that do not have too much bit rate or otherwise video quality. Therefore, if you again want to upload a 4k video lasting two hours, then, alas, this simply will not work for you.

LinkedIn and its photo formats

Speaking about LinkedIn, we can say that this social network already has a lot more different variations and choices than the same Instagram or TikTok. LinkedIn post size can be completely different because this social network exists mainly to promote artists and enthusiasts who take great photos.

Therefore, the choice of formats in this social network is very large, of course, the creators recommend the size of 1200 × 628 pixels, which is considered ideal for any post. It is this format that contains the ideal ratio of size and quality, with the help of this approach, firstly, you can save a lot of space on your device. And at the same time, take high-quality pictures that will attract the attention of many people around the world.

How to resize a photo or video on YouTube

Trends do not stand still and such a platform as YouTube is becoming more and more popular every year. Therefore, if you decide to start shooting your videos, then you need to figure it out and find out the YouTube image size you need because it’s unlikely to get into trends without this knowledge.

The basis of all the basics is the 1920×1080 format, this is the so-called golden mean that will not let you down. This video format is very high quality and average in terms of space on your device, so if you are going to shoot your videos, be sure to make sure that it is this size.

Conclusion on social media image sizes

Summing up, we can understand that social media photo sizes play a huge role because it depends on what size your photo will have and, accordingly, the quality. We realized that it may also depend on whether you can post your video or photo on a particular site because sometimes there are restrictions along the way that will not allow posting your content. Therefore, always carefully choose the size of photos and videos, and read the rules of all sites with which you will work in the future, and with this approach, you will succeed.



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