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Unusual TikTok stories

Unusual TikTok stories

Updated:  Apr 17, 2024
Created:  Dec 14, 2022
Time to read:  3 min

In the last couple of years, it has become very popular short stories that do not take much time to watch. And many people who follow the trends picked up this topic and began to make interesting and short videos. It is thanks to this that many bloggers have become much more popular, and in order not to stand aside, you should also learn what it is and how to do the same. And with the help of the best tips, you can make short stories on TikTok as good as the most popular bloggers.

How to make stories on TikTok

Creating stories does not take much time, but not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Foremost, you need to understand that you won’t be able to shoot a video for 5 or 10 minutes, you will need to put all the information in literally 15-20 seconds, and this is not easy.

Also, the video to be used must be small, and this can have a bad effect on the quality. Therefore, you need to shoot video with high-quality lighting, so that when the video is compressed, it does not become much worse.

What is the TikTok storytime

Not many people understand how to use TikTok stories to grab the attention of a new audience. In 2022, it has become much easier to create content that attracts people, so the stories that have become popular now are the best way to attract attention to yourself. TikTok stories are short videos that carry the maximum amount of information in a short time.

How to view TikTok stories

If you already know how to create stories on TikTok, then you are probably wondering how to view them. And in fact, the answer is very non-obvious, because the creators also don’t tell you how to do it. Everything is simple, you have to go to the main page on TikTok, and on top, you will see several circles that you can click on. This is what stories people create.

How to post TikTok stories

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If you are still wondering how to create a story on TikTok, then you just need to look at what was written above. Because it doesn’t take much effort and time to create your own story, it will take you literally five minutes. But it is also worth understanding that before shooting your story, you need to come up with a plot because without it the video will be raw and unfinished.

TikTok stories strategy

Many bloggers shoot their videos for a reason, they have a strategy that they follow every day. Thanks to her, they manage to attract more and more people to themselves, and rightly so. Because if you do not have a clear goal and plan, then the result will be corresponding. Therefore, you need to think over the strategy that you will follow, and this will give its results.

How to delete TikTok stories

Some people may accidentally post a story they didn't want to post and just don't know how to delete it. Therefore, whatever this is, you should know that at the bottom right there is an icon in the form of a basket that you can click on, and with it, you can easily delete the history. After that, after just a couple of seconds, your story will disappear from the general view.

Building community with TikTok Stories

To attract and create your audience, you do not always need to create 10 videos every day, sometimes you can limit yourself to stories. You can achieve great success with their simplicity, but if you create simple videos at the same time, you will double your chances of attracting people's eyes. If you do this and that qualitatively, then people will notice your efforts and become your subscribers.

Be prepared for emerging features on TikTok

Need to understand that TikTok stories have become popular quite recently, and you need to be ready for new features. Since trends don't stand still, if you look at popular bloggers, you can see how they adapt to trends. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that there will be some new trends that you will need to follow to attract attention.



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