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Darkacademia TikTok

Darkacademia TikTok

Updated:  Jul 15, 2024
Created:  Jun 7, 2022
Time to read:  2 min

Many people now understand that social networks are the future, both financially and in personal career growth. Because you can just show the training of your favorite animal and make a profit from views and advertising. Therefore, millions of new users appear almost every day both on Instagram and TikTok, as well as on other social networks. But in fact, not everything is as simple as it seems, a simple short video without an idea is not enough to get views and an audience. You should carefully consider the creation of videos and content that will attract attention to yourself. To understand how to shoot videos that will get the very audience, one needs to look at popular bloggers who already have a large audience. And after that, emphasize for yourself how to shoot a video and what idea to convey to people, so that they would be interested. It is about how to create your own clips that we will talk about in this article, so you need to listen to tips that will help you realize your plans.

Unique TikTok dark academia

Do not forget that in our time, there is such a thing as trends that currently lead a lot of people. It is worth paying attention to them because it is the trends that can help you catch someone's eye. Therefore, we will talk about such a trend as “dark academia”, which is a novelty in the TikTok world that was created by people themselves. This name comes from the videos themselves, in which people dress up in elegant clothes, presenting themselves as a student of some higher institution.

People show their weathered clothes in which they would present themselves at the academy, and these videos are not complete without video effects . It is the effects and video transitions that make this trend really popular, which is expressed in huge views. A person who is absolutely not versed in creating effects and transitions can use the best applications that can do it without problems in just a couple of minutes.

Tips for making dark academia TikTok

Darkacademia TikTok — Photo №1

In 2022, a lot of people understand that there are many small factors that affect the popularity of a video, so we will talk about these little things. For instance, simple hashtags that people usually don’t even notice in the description of the video, but thanks to hashtags, the video can easily get into recommendations for millions of users who are interested in a particular topic.

Also, besides, interesting interactive that you can create on the go, now popular challenges that go from hand to hand. You just need to come up with a simple task that you can transfer to your friend or acquaintance, and check if he can complete it. And the main thing in creating videos is a simple semantic load and aesthetic, and then many people will notice your video and become interested in your person. But also do not forget that in order to shoot a high-quality video, you also need to choose the lighting and a beautiful place for shooting so that everything turns out perfectly.



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