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Change the background color in a video

Change the background color in a video

Updated:  Jul 24, 2024
Created:  Dec 30, 2023
Time to read:  3 min

Ever felt trapped with an unsuitable background in your videos? Imagine presenting crucial content, only to realize the backdrop distracts or clashes. The pain of mismatched or dull backgrounds stifles visual impact. Enter background color changing – a powerful tool liberating creators from these woes. Whether for presentations, vlogs, or product showcases, altering background colors enhances focus, aesthetics, and brand alignment. This transformative feature lets you harmonize visuals, ensuring your message shines against an ideal backdrop, elevating the video's professionalism and appeal. Say goodbye to distracting backgrounds and welcome the ease of enhancing video aesthetics with seamless background color changes.

How to Change Your Video Background Color?

There are many ways to change the background in video, but the fundamental principle remains consistent: the ability to distinctly isolate the background from the subject. To establish this separation initially, the utilization of a green screen proves instrumental, allowing for extensive background manipulation according to your preferences. Alternatively, when working with pre-recorded footage devoid of a green screen, powerful editing tools become indispensable to generate this distinction. These applications typically rely on area selection and subject-tracking mechanisms to separate the subject from the background. However, achieving seamless quality often presents a notable challenge in most applications.

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While manual separation is feasible, it demands considerable expertise, especially within complex programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects. For individuals lacking extensive editing experience, employing user-friendly applications offers a more accessible avenue to accomplish this task efficiently. The crux lies in selecting tools that ensure a smooth and precise separation between the subject and background, vital for achieving a professional and refined video output.

How to change the background in a video with a Green Screen?

The Green Screen technique serves as a foundational method to separate the subject from the background in video footage. By employing a simple, uniformly colored backdrop, tracking the subject's movements becomes more straightforward, eliminating the need for intricate manual selection around the subject. This ease in isolating the subject allows various applications to track motion with increased accuracy and efficiency.

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The presence of a Green Screen within the footage opens doors to limitless background replacements. It grants the flexibility to replace the green backdrop with virtually any desired setting or imagery. However, setting up a Green Screen demands precision and know-how. It's crucial to ensure the screen is taut, free from seams, and properly lit. A well-stretched screen prevents unwanted creases or folds, while appropriate lighting prevents any green hues from reflecting onto the subject, avoiding unnatural coloration. Mastering these setup nuances is essential to achieving a seamless and professional-looking background replacement.

Change the background in the video app

Amidst the complexities of dealing with green screens and navigating professional software, having a convenient tool at your disposal is invaluable. Enter VJump – an app for changing the background in video and more. Here, a team of proficient editors stands ready to meticulously process your footage, ensuring a smooth and flawless edit, and simplifying your background changes effortlessly.

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App features

Downloading VJump onto your iPhone or Android device allows you to seamlessly upload your footage for processing within the application. Explore our expansive library of video templates, offering options for background and background color replacements, accompanied by a bonus guide on green screen usage. Besides, there is an array of different effects and transitions for any possible applications in your video to make it more engaging, seamless, and dynamic. The app is designed mostly for short-form video content for such video hostings as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Professional approach to editing the background

Our application functions not only as a video tool but also as a comprehensive tutorial for recording, ensuring user-friendly navigation. Rest assured, our editors prioritize manual editing to maintain top-notch quality standards and deliver an exceptional user experience, devoid of AI or scripts – pledging unparalleled convenience and excellence for our users.



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