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Add audio to video

Add audio to video

Updated:  Jul 12, 2024
Created:  Dec 30, 2023
Time to read:  3 min

Enhance your visuals with a symphony of sound! Adding audio to your videos elevates the viewer's experience, creating a dynamic and immersive masterpiece. Whether it's music to set the mood, voiceovers for clarity, or sound effects for impact, the fusion of audio and video brings your content to life. Explore how seamlessly integrating sound amplifies the storytelling and captivates your audience.

Pros and cons of adding music to video

Well-incorporated audio captivates audiences, sustaining their interest throughout the video, it works the same as having video effects and scene transitions and improves engagement. The video can go well without adding specific audio effects, but the soundtrack can significantly improve that value.

How music and audio effects improve your video content

Depending on the video content, you can manipulate the soundtrack to have it perfectly match the pace of a video. This is why most dynamic videos such as blockbuster teasers have these scenes snapping transitioning by the sound and the beat drop which increases the degree of engagement.

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The sound effects like that act like an additional and bonus storytelling tool. The most important thing about the soundtrack is to be in the same vibe as the video. This opens up an opportunity for creativity, making your video more compelling, emphasizing crucial points and emotions, making your audience connect with the content better.

From the branding standpoint, when you add music to a video it can also reinforce the content and brand identity, thus having a specific theme makes your viewers become familiar with the content faster and more naturally. This is a simple psychology as people can perceive the content in two channels - audibly and visually. Hence, having more useful information go through both these channels makes the content go to perfection.

Potential issues adding audio to video

However, some disadvantages could occur due to adding music to video clips.

The most annoying one is copyright issues which prevent you from using some perfectly fitting audio having no permission from a legal distributor.

Another obstacle that inexperienced editors might issue is that syncing the audio with the video track is an overwhelming job to do. Here you have to be very precise, because when it is synced perfectly nobody says anything bad, however, if you miss the syncro just one time in the whole video – this will not stay unnoticed and may actually spoil the whole video. Poorly chosen or executed audio can distract from the video message.

How to add music to a video?

Adding music to a video is a straightforward process applicable to various platforms. To begin, open your preferred video editing application on your device, whether it be on an iPhone, Android, or a computer. Import your video into the editing software, and extend this capability to include sound or music. Most editing applications provide separate tracks for audio and video, facilitating the incorporation of multiple soundtracks beneath your video.

Sound effects library

For effective management, consider allocating one soundtrack for music and one or two additional tracks for supplementary sound effects. Many video editors use sound libraries containing specific sound effects to accentuate key moments in the video creation process. These libraries can be a part of specific software, but the more advanced editing comes with downloading specific libraries of sound effects and having them separated from the actual editor. This opens up more versatility and choice and does not limit you by editing app capabilities. Ensure that the added effects or music align with the video in terms of synchronization.

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How to manage music and sound in your video

Some editors opt to select the music first and subsequently build the video content around it. By listening to the chosen music beforehand, creators gain insights into the video parts they'd like to include in specific segments of the soundtrack. Managing sound effects proves simpler, as they are individual pieces added as a secondary layer. Unlike music, which flows continuously, sound effects can be modified independently, necessitating the construction of the video around the main soundtrack.



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