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Top 5 ideas on how to make money on Instagram in 2023

Top 5 ideas on how to make money on Instagram in 2023

Growing on any platform takes time, effort, and dedication. Knowing how to build your audience and what content to provide won’t leave you unnoticed on Instagram. Today we talk about 5 strategies on how to make money out of Instagram.

Content Style to build the audience

One of the first things every beginner out there needs to understand and think about is to decide on content style. There are so many different formats and ways that you can build an Instagram page.

Repurposing long-form content from a YouTube channel and posting them on Instagram. This could be your own content or the content of another creator with your comments added to make it fair use. At this point, it could be a partnership or your own business depending on your choice. There is no point in creating a content style that you know is not sustainable and you are not going to be able to continuously keep posting videos and pictures, reels, stories, whatever it is on your Instagram page over the long term. You want to make sure that you figure this out from day one and pick something that you know you are going to be able to continue with as you are building up your page. For that reason, Repurposing content allows you for endless amounts of content and not spend any extra time to create unique content for your Instagram as you already have your main source. If you do not have your own YT channel yet, you can still repurpose other people’s content and add your own personality to that.

Instagram: how to make money by choosing the right monetization strategy

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When it comes to making money on Instagram you are going to need to decide on a monetization method. It is essential to do this before you have your Instagram page built, as many people gather those followers and have no idea how to make money from that audience. You can make money by selling your own products and services or by selling other people’s products and services. You chose a strategy based on type of the content you create, which category it is, and how much effort you want to put into your product.

How to make money as a content creator on Instagram

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To choose the right monetization strategy you also need to decide on what audience you want to attract as a content creator. Depending on demographic, age, and the location where your audience is based it is going to have a direct result in terms of which type of product and how much money you can potentially make. For instance, if you built up a meme page, where you post funny images, you are most likely to have an audience of teenagers and you won’t be able to monetize in the same way or make as much money as if you build up a page based on stock news and cryptocurrency or a general Finance related content.

Understanding the audience you come up with the idea of the type of content you want to put out and what is going to be beneficial to them. To spice things up as a content creator, you can use effects and transitions for your viewer's engagement.

How to make money on Instagram reels

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To have a better understanding of how to grow on Instagram we need to have an idea about what Instagram wants to see from a content creator and what the platform wants from the audience. Before becoming a creator we all have been consumers and this developed an understanding that the platform wants a consumer to click on a post, engage with it, and stay on the platform for as long as possible. So if you are able to put content out that people end up engaging with in terms of likes and comments and sticking on that particular post for a certain amount of time plus sharing it with other people on Instagram, then you hook platform algorithms to work in your favor. Recently, Instagram Reels is the feature that the platform pushes the most and is where the main growth factor comes from. Instagram caring about posting pictures is no more and Reels are the main point of interest to compete with other short-form content platforms such as YT and TikTok. So Reels is the best way to make money posting on Instagram in 2023.

How to make money on Instagram posts

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Consistency is a key to success in content creation and is the best answer on how to make money from Instagram Reels in particular, which you can also apply to other types of posts. As you have chosen your style, built an audience, and have your monetization strategy, now it is time to post at least 1-2 Reels/Posts daily.

Make sure that your content is also consistent in terms of being informative and having overall utility for your consumer. Posting just a couple of videos/photos a week will significantly decrease your growth ratio compared to daily posts as the algorithm considers such consistency in viewer engagement, and if it comes in waves, there is no consistency for you and the algorithm starts recommending other content creators to them instead, if you are lazy.

How to make money on Instagram without selling anything

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There is also a way to start making money without actually selling anything. In a nutshell, it is sponsors and shout-outs. Many companies would pay you just for posting their brands on your page, such as Tribe which you can find an app on AppStore and Google Play. Another one is which allows you to sign as an influencer and you will be partnered with brands they present. Chamboost is another source of products to send you for free to take pictures and post following simple instructions. Following the same strategy there is also a way to make money on Instagram as a photographer. Visit Canon on Instagram and you will notice they have a high-quality picture category where they shout out photographers that use their products. So if you have a lot of followers, they will post your photo in this category and give you credit for helping to build them their own following - which is the baseline for partnership of any kind.



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