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Top 3 ideas for makeup transformation video on Instagram

Top 3 ideas for makeup transformation video on Instagram

Since the advent of TikTok, it has become the trailblazer in shaping the short-form content landscape across all social media platforms including Instagram presenting Reels. With users devouring copious amounts of video content in this format, incorporating captivating effects and seamless transitions is paramount if you aspire for your videos to ride the viral wave of trends. As Instagram algorithms place a premium on viewer engagement, we delve into the intricate art of executing a makeup transformation on Instagram today, offering you a comprehensive, step-by-step guide.

Performing makeup transformation videos

Prior to crafting a tangible transition, preliminary preparations are in order. We strongly advise securing a tripod and ensuring your camera is perfectly stable. It's imperative to calculate the distance from the camera for shooting our scenes. Employ a makeshift marker to designate your intended position, preventing any jarring discrepancies during post-production. With these essentials in place, you're ready to embark on the Instagram Makeup transformation!

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Launch VJump and initiate a quest for your desired transition. Select a template that resonates with your creative vision, and delve into the description to understand the specific steps involved. Keep in mind that the complexity of editing and execution can vary from one template to another. Some may require only 2–3 clips, while others might demand more.


Keep in mind that our objective is to create a 15-second video, which underscores the critical importance of configuring a timer for precise synchronization. Initiate the recording, assume your designated position, and meticulously adhere to the directives outlined in the template. This might entail a specific action, such as a dance move or a captivating gesture, which serves as a well-placed diversion during the transition. You can pick one from templates or follow the ideas paragraph for your own creativity.


Let's transition from our initial scene to the second one. In this phase, we'll maintain a consistent action throughout, ensuring a fluid transition when it all comes together. It's advisable to review your recordings to ensure your performance is up to par.

3 Ideas for transformation with makeup

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Getting experience from using templates from VJump you can also add your own creativity to it and use one of the following suggestions below. The most important is to find a hyped soundtrack that you like and do the transition in sync with it. Choose one of those ways to perform a transition:

  1. Pick a glass of water and circle it in front of your camera, so your image bends inside the glass and covers the camera. Remember the glass position and do makeup for the 2nd scene and then record the 2nd clip moving the glass away from the recalled position proceeding its way. And now you have appeared in a new makeup.
  1. Sway your camera away for each makeup transition you perform. Do this action each time the beat drops in the soundtrack of your choice and make it sync. Each sway means new makeup.
  1. If you have long hair you can use them to cover up the transition. Shake your head in different directions so that your hair spreads apart and covers your face. Try to repeat the same action in the second clip with makeup on.

Use VJump for Instagram makeup transformation

Top 3 ideas for makeup transformation video on Instagram — Photo №3

This application offers a remarkable combination of tutorial and editing capabilities, streamlining your workflow. No more wasting time on tedious edits – VJump provides visual guidance through templates and descriptions, enabling you to execute creative transitions with simple actions. The library of transitions and video effects is extensive, and continuously enriched to align with your needs based on valuable customer feedback. Notably, we've shifted from AI-based algorithms to manual editing, employing a team of skilled editors proficient in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. This approach ensures the highest quality of seamless editing, setting us apart from most other apps on the market.

Step-by-Step Guide on VJump

The app is compatible with Android and iPhone and is available for download on Google Play and App Store. Follow these steps to add a transition to your video:

  1. Open VJump
  2. Choose a template to apply
  3. Follow the tutorial for the effect of your choice
  4. Record the footage based on the instructions
  5. Send the footage to our editors
  6. Get your edited clip in 15–30 mins

Achieving smooth transitions for your Reels has never been this effortless. Seamless transitions are the linchpin to securing a spot on Instagram's coveted top charts. Given the fierce competition for viewers' attention on the platform, our team of seasoned video editors is committed to ensuring you attain top-notch results. By entrusting us with your footage, you significantly enhance your prospects of going viral on Instagram.



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