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Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023

Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023

Updated:  Jul 15, 2024
Created:  Nov 28, 2023
Time to read:  4 min

If you are living in the coldest place in the world such as Edmonton Canada for instance, but you want to look great, today we give you winter fashion ideas for women on how to dress warm and stylishly.

Choose the right colors for your skin tone at first. You want to avoid colors that blend in too much with your skin tones. It is very simple, do not wear brown clothes if you have brown skin, do not wear purples if you have purple tint on your skin, and so on. So the more contrast the better.

Now for the color harmony related to the clothes themselves. The color theory is complicated but we have 3 simple rules that allow you to have good color combinations.

What colors should you mix first and how to do it properly?

Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023 — Photo №1

You want to wear monochromatic outfits if you are afraid to mix and match color pick. If you look at the monochromatic color wheel you will notice that each color has its shades division. So that your color could vary but not significantly. Use neutral colors for your shoes and it supposes to be black or white which is your best bet.

How to take the most advantage of the neutral colors?

Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023 — Photo №2

In this case, we pick any color plus a neutral color on top of that. This means that one of the two pieces from your outfit needs to be neutral. Let’s say your pants will be neutral (black, gray, cream, tan), and then you can match it with whatever color you want from that color wheel. Because neutral colors are muted they lack saturation they can complement any color you’d like from the color wheel allowing you to wear two colors easily which takes us to the third rule.

Recommendations for advanced color mixing

Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023 — Photo №3

Here we are going to mix three colors in one outfit. Any more than three you run the risk of complicating the fit and it becomes more difficult to do which we recommend avoiding. The rule is simple, we look at the color wheel and choose two colors that are next to each other, and combine that with on neutral color. Now we have two bright colors plus a neutral one. This will always work, no matter what colors you pick on the color wheel as long as the colors are next to each other.

For example, green and blue combinations are next to each other on the color wheel and here we add white as the neutral color.

The best layering tips for beginners

Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023 — Photo №4

Layering will always add complexity to the outfits making them look better. The great part is that layering is not that hard to do. Here we have three rules for layering.

  1. Make each layer visible - There is no point if you put on two layers if one of the layers is hiding and can not be seen.
  2. Layer thickness - the first layer of your skin should be the thinnest and the furthest should be the thickest. This shows that clothes layers to your skin are breathable whereas layers outside are to protect you from the element.
  3. Stick to two layers - as the third one should be functional so that you can put it off. This works for summer-autumn outfits, but winter one is an exclusion and we explain why in the next paragraph.

Layers application for winter style

Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023 — Photo №5

When it is cold it is important to have your clothes warm you and thus we can add additional functional layers.

1. The first layer is going to be your thermal underwear which allows you to go for more cute outfit layers above it as it serves as your main protection from the cold. Thermal leggings plus a thermal shirt underneath are your best bet. When you look for thermals, look for good brands with fleece in them for the really cold climates. Also do not forget about your feet and get cozy socks that also have thermal attributes so they do not go numb, especially if you are sensitive to cold. The color matching here is not important as we have our thermal clothes hidden underneath other layers. This is our functional layer.

Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023 — Photo №6

2. Now the 2nd layer is what we have underneath our jacket or a coat, such as trousers and sweaters. Make sure that you follow the color rule as this layer is going to be visible. This layer adds a style of your choice.

Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023 — Photo №7

3. A third layer can be a simple jacket and it depends on how cold it is in your vicinity. If it is really cold you can add another functional layer such as a coat as it follows layer rule number two which says the farthest layer should be thicker than the one below. If you have already chosen your previous layer from two bright colors make sure that this jacket would be of a neutral color.

Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023 — Photo №8

How to properly use accessories in winter-themed photos

Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023 — Photo №9

Accessories should be decorative and functional at the same time. So that we have a scarf, hat, gloves, and carrying bag to add. Make sure that your bag color matches your shoe color so that your overall outfit will look balanced. As for the scarf being the farthest layer, it should complement the color of your previous layer and not stand out that much unless you have a specific purpose for that. Gloves' color could also match the color of your shoes but make sure that the material they are made of is matching your bag for the texture at least.


Top 3 cute fashion ideas for winter 2023 — Photo №10

That is top 3 fashion ideas for winter we have for today. Create your unique winter style and make sure to have your clothes, layers and accessories fit each other in layers and colors. Do not overdo with colors and stick to three colors maximum to not look confusing.



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