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TikTok comments: Everything you need to know to drive engagement

TikTok comments: Everything you need to know to drive engagement

Updated:  May 20, 2024
Created:  Jan 22, 2023
Time to read:  2 min

The hierarchy of the comment section matters

Many people know that the reaction of the audience has significance quite a lot, and it can seriously affect people and the blogger himself. That's why a lot of people use comment filtering because people can write whatever they want, and sometimes there might be something that will offend a lot of people. Also, today we will talk about TikTok because many people leave comments on this social network and actively communicate with the blogger and his audience.

Video responses add another layer of engagement

It is also worth saying that popular bloggers understand that communication with their audience is of great importance in promoting their content, as well as filtering comments on TikTok. Using all the tips that popular bloggers can give you, you can very easily promote your page and attract thousands of viewers to yourself.

Brands comment on viral videos frequently

Many people see videos in trends that are commented on by popular or even global companies that seemed to simply not need it. But why do they do this, and the answer is very simple through this type of communication they attract a huge amount of audience. TikTok video comments can get you more attention than ads that cost a lot of money.

Understanding the nature of the app is key

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A person who, for example, has been watching a video on TikTok for a long time, understands that there is a unique approach to certain layers of people that works perfectly. The same can be said about the entire offer as a whole because the difference between TikTok and Instagram is huge, these are completely different audiences, and this needs to be understood and used.

Why TikTok comments are so important

Many people don't realize that comments on TikTok are very important because the more the audience is active, the more the video will be promoted. This is how it works almost everywhere, even negative reactions are beneficial for the video because it is still an asset, albeit a negative one.

How to turn on comments on TikTok

If you notice that your TikTok comment videos are disabled, and you want to enable them, then this is much easier to do than it might seem at first glance. You just need to go to your profile and open the main settings, after which you need to select the privacy settings. Then you just need to find the section with comments and just click on the button to turn them on. After that, comments under your videos will be available.

Conclusion about comments TikTok

In conclusion, we can say that comments not only on TikTok but everywhere are very important because half of the asset that may be in the future depends on them. We recommend that you do not turn them off even if there are negative comments, even if they can bring you benefits that will bring you, new subscribers, in the future.



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