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How to make clips longer on TikTok

How to make clips longer on TikTok

Many people in our time are becoming increasingly interested in social networks, and there are a vast number of reasons why millions of people around the world register on Instagram and TikTok. This is because time goes by and more and more technological versions of these applications appear, and anyone on the planet can download them and start using them right away. Another question is to understand the use of a particular social network, for example, how to make a clip longer on TikTok. Those who have never used TikTok naturally do not know the answer to this question, and in this article, we will help you deal with this issue. So, let's delve into how to make a TikTok longer.

How to make TikTok video longer

How to make longer videos on tiktok? To figure out how to make TikTok longer than 15 seconds, you need to understand how to shoot a video in general. There is a button in the bottom center that looks like a plus sign, which is exactly what we need because it directly leads a person to shoot a new clip. And at this moment it becomes difficult for people because it is simply difficult for an absolute beginner to delve into everything at once. And you need to understand that on TikTok you can shoot not only 15-second videos, but you can also shoot long and capacious videos, as we already understood.

How long can a TikTok be?

Some people simply do not have enough time to make a video that they want to show people, this is what distinguishes TikTok from YouTube, for instance. Because TikTok was created to create simple and short videos for general viewing that will not load much attention. And people have a question about what can be the maximum length of the video, and the answer will be 3 minutes. How to make tiktok videos longer? Previously, the creators limited people to one minute, but realizing that this was not enough for people, a change was made, and now the maximum length of the video is 3 minutes.

How to make a 10-minute TikTok?

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But there are people who are not even three minutes long, so now we will give you the best tips to help you make a video in 2022 that will be longer than you can do. How to make longer videos on tiktok? Firstly, you can understand that it’s impossible to shoot a 10-minute video just with one video, so you will have to split it in a tricky way. Everyone has probably watched an interesting video that breaks on the most interesting, which makes you go to the page and turn to the next part, we will do exactly the same.

Let's simplify it — shoot a video and divide it into 4 parts: three segments of three minutes and the final one lasting a minute. This way, you've created a 10-minute video that viewers can seamlessly scroll through on your page, presenting a cohesive experience. Following these steps eliminates any lingering questions about how to make a longer TikTok video.

How to make a TikTok with multiple videos?

After all the tips and tricks above, questions like how to make a 3-minute TikTok were no longer a problem, but the most curious still had questions. Besides, how to use someone else's video with multiple clips on top of yours, this is called a duet. If you want to pull off such a trick, you will need to go to someone's video, click a button to see the details, and then select a duet. Following that, you'll be seamlessly transferred to the video creation interface, where you can craft your content on top of others, even for TikTok longer videos.



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