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How to do a voiceover on TikTok

How to do a voiceover on TikTok

Few people think in 2022 about how important the sound that surrounds us is, for example, in movies or social networks. Many scientists are inclined to believe that it is the sound and voice that attracts people much more than the visual picture. And today we will talk about the most popular social network called TikTok. Every day, hundreds of thousands of new users appear in it, respectively, more and more people want to become half-drunk. And that’s why we’ll talk about how you can overlay voice acting on top of your video on TikTok to draw as much attention as possible to your work.

How to add voice-over to TikTok

To add voice-over to your video, you first need to understand how sound works on TikTok because all over the world people ask questions like how to put voice-over on TikTok every day. Besides, you have already shot a video on which you need to put music, and just after it is removed. You can press the button in the form of a treble clef, after this action you will be taken to the sound selection page. With voice acting, everything is a little more complicated, because you will need to do it yourself, you can become a real announcer who voices the video.

Where do I find the voice-over tool?

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To create a video that you can voice yourself, you must first shoot it, you need to understand that you must already have a ready-made story and text that you want to voice over the video. If all this is there, you can start creating voice acting. But how to use the voice acting tool, and where can I find it at? Everything is simpler than it seems. After you have created a video, you will be able to see a button on the top left that will guess the music icon. And it is there that you can see the microphone icon, when you click on it, the recording will begin. This will mean that you are recording audio that will be overlaid on top of your video.

How to do a video with voice-over on TikTok

To make a video with a voice-over, you will need to use apps that can overlay the voice-over on top of the video before uploading it. After the best tips, you should not have questions like how to voice-over TikTok or how to use TikTok voice-over, because, in reality, everything is much easier than it seems. You just need to click on the voice-over tool and voice everything yourself, or just use an extraneous video.



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