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How to add video from camera roll to TikTok

How to add video from camera roll to TikTok

In recent years, social networks have become many times more popular than before, and millions of new users are just now starting their acquaintance with Instagram and TikTok. And so many people have questions that many seem very simple and sometimes even funny. But in fact, you just need to understand that people simply do not understand, and therefore we will give some useful tips that will help you understand this or that issue. For instance, the question of how to add a video from a camera roll to TikTok seems to be absolutely simple, but for some, it is an unsolvable question. Therefore, further, you can get answers to all the questions that worried you before.

How to add effect on TikTok from camera roll

Many people in our time are just now getting acquainted with the effects of TikTok, and they do not know how to add them. Also, in fact, everything is simpler than it seems. Foremost, you should understand that there are a lot of effects on TikTok. Therefore, before choosing, you need to carefully check whether it fits your video in style. If you have already decided for sure, then you need to select it and add it to the video, you should look down and see a button that looks like a clock with an arrow. It is there that you can find a huge number of effects that you can add to a video or photo from your gallery.

How to add GIFs to TikTok from the camera roll

Many people know about this type of art as GIFs, and they, like social networks, are becoming more and more popular every year. This is only because the Internet is becoming more and more overloaded with a huge amount of information, and GIFs are very simple and take up little space.

That is why they have become popular, and some are interested in how in 2022 you can add your GIF to TikTok. Creating such a video and adding your GIF is very simple, you just need to select the appropriate format, and click on the button that will take you to the gallery. It is there that you can select the GIF that can be added directly to the video.

How to edit TikTok videos from the camera roll

Some people shot their video, added them to TikTok, and want to edit them because it is not finished yet. This is also becoming a popular question because the creators of TikTok do not explain it, and it is difficult for people who first log into their social network to understand what is where. To edit your video, you first need to upload it inside TikTok, you already know how to do this thanks to our article.

Once the clip is inside the editor, you just need to understand what you need to change. If you want to add a song to your video, you can click on the button on top that looks like a treble clef and selects the song you need. You can also change the effects that you like, you can crop or speed up the video to any taste and color with just a few clicks.

How to make transition videos on TikTok

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Nowadays, few people know how to use transitions and how to create them at all. Nevertheless, over the years, everything has become much easier, if before it took a long time to create your video in pieces, but now all this can be done in a couple of minutes. For example, to add high-quality effects or transitions, you can simply download high-quality applications that will do everything for you. You just need to select a transition or effect and the application will process the clip in a couple of minutes and give you a ready-made video that will attract people with its uniqueness.

How to use TikTok video effects

Few people know how to add a video from a camera roll on TikTok, but even fewer people who have just registered on this social network know how to add effects to the video that will be filmed. If you want to choose a beautiful mask or color correction, then you can choose it not only after shooting the video but before. And you can do it much easier than it seems, you need to click on the empty icon on the bottom right, and you will be shown a selection of many hundreds of effects. And when you select the desired one when shooting a clip, you will notice that the effect has already been applied and everything will be ready on the final result.

How to make a video collage on TikTok

Just recently, a trend has emerged that has captured the popularity and attracted the attention of many millions of people. The trend itself is to show your photos in a kind of collage with cool music, and the user himself can scroll through the photo as he wants. This is what many people around the world like, so you need to understand how to do it yourself.

From what was written earlier, you already understood how to add camera roll video to TikTok, so there will be no problems with how to add a photo. For the video to become popular, you need to make an interesting collage that will attract people's attention. Also, carefully pay attention to the choice of music, because it plays a big role, the better it will be and the more popular it will be better.

External TikTok editor for iPhone

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To understand the TikTok editor, you need to spend several hours behind it. Also, in fact, there is nothing difficult about trimming your video or adding cool effects with transitions. If you want to make videos with effects that no one has seen, then you will either need to create them yourself or use professional editing programs. But you can also use the editor on the iPhone, which is no different from all these programs, you just have to figure it out and everything will immediately become clear. After you add all the transitions to the video, it is worth processing it and applying a color correction that will make the video more attractive at times, this is what will attract the eyes of many people.

TikTok video editor for PC or Mac

Some people do not know that video can be processed not only on phones but also on computers, whether on Windows or Mac. If you have already understood how to add videos to TikTok from the camera roll, then there will be no problems at all with how to add them to your PC. Because everything is done the same way, you just need to connect your phone via USB, and after connecting the phone, you just need to transfer your photos to TikTok. In the same place, you will need to edit them or simply create a collage, which, as we already understood, is now in trend. With this editor, you can create videos both on your computer and on your phone without any issues, the main thing is that you have a stable Internet connection and a desire to do it.



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