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How to do TikTok makeup transitions

How to do TikTok makeup transitions

For the last decade, TikTok has created a lot of influencers that have skyrocketed in popularity for the content they make. The popularity of content depends on many factors and is driven by both platform algorithms and authors. Content creators who use popular effects and transitions are doomed for success if their content keeps up the same level. Today we explain how to do makeup transition yourself and become viral on TikTok!

How to do makeup transition TikTok

First of all, we need to shoot the material in a certain order. The idea is simple, for the first shot we need to be without makeup, and then for the second shot we put the makeup on. We also need to make digital and physical transitions between those shots. As for the physical transition, there should be a distracting action serving the end of the first shot and the beginning of the second one which we will talk about further.

  1. Preparation

Let's prepare everything for shooting! In addition to the phone/camera itself, we need a tripod or a stable surface, and of course, the makeup itself that we haven’t applied yet.

  1. Positioning

Set up the tripod with the camera anywhere in your room and determine where you will be in front of the camera. For positioning it is best to make marks on the floor in any way you can, so that the position remains the same in both videos we shoot because the last frame of our first scene will be the first frame of the second scene, and we want to avoid the seam between them as much as possible.

  1. Choosing physical transition

For the physical transition itself, you can choose one of the actions that will hide the moment of transformation. You can do a take-off waving your hair from top to bottom or side to side. You can also do a mask doing a gesture with your hands crossed in front of your face at the climax, and in the second video, you will separate your hands. Or you can simply move your hand from any angle to cover and then uncover your face with a change in appearance.

  1. Recording

Stand in the marked position, do not apply makeup yet. If you decide to make a hair swing, try to remember the movement amplitude because we need to repeat it for the second video. We recommend putting the recording on a timer to have the time to take a position because the length of the video on TikTok is limited and the most popular transition videos last up to 15 seconds. Set the timer, get into position, and make the move. All right! Now we need to put on makeup and repeat the same thing, exactly repeating the practiced movement and following marks on the floor for positioning.

  1. Check

Check out the footage and see how similar the two videos turned out. If you're happy with the result, it's time to start converting the two videos into a whole clip!

Why would you use VJump for transition makeup?

How to do TikTok makeup transitions — Photo №1

VJump is your pocket assistant for video effects in transitions for TikTok. Having a dedicated team of professional video editors we refused to use cheap algorithms, hence, do everything manually for the sake of quality. Our editors use Adobe Premiere Pro as the most advanced and feature-rich software to make sure that you get the best video edit on the market. Do transition color makeup and choose from an entire library of templates to see how your clip is going to look and get tips on recording. Your transitions are going to be seamless and perfect. Download VJump to get one of the best TikTok makeup transitions on the platform!

How to use Vjump

The app is compatible with Android and iPhone and is available for download on Google Play and App Store. Follow these steps to add a transition to your video:

  1. Open Vjump
  2. Choose a template to apply
  3. Follow the tutorial for the effect of your choice
  4. Record the footage based on the instructions
  5. Send the footage to our editors
  6. Get your edited clip in 15–30 mins

Having smooth and seamless transitions in your video will allow you to raise your clip into trends with TikTok algorithms, which take into account the viewer’s engagement. Many people go viral on the platform, and you need to put a lot of effort into making it possible, as for the transition itself use the help of our professional video editors through VJump!



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