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7 Tips on How to Make a Boring Video Interesting

7 Tips on How to Make a Boring Video Interesting

Updated:  May 25, 2024
Created:  May 2, 2024
Time to read:  3 min

Often, individuals who are just starting to create their videos struggle to make them interesting and unique compared to others. Therefore, to simplify things for you, we will provide 6 useful tips that can help you begin creating creative and distinctive content that your viewers will enjoy.

1. Choose an interesting topic

Without a doubt, the foundation of any content is the topic of the video you plan to shoot. It serves as the driving force behind the creative process and motivates action. However, topics can sometimes be overused and fail to capture people's interest. Try injecting new perspectives into popular themes or delving into taboo subjects—this can pique the interest of a specific audience and garner you a fan base. The key is to ensure that your content does not violate platform guidelines, as this could result in a ban. To effectively cover a topic, you need to be well-versed in it and understand what to discuss. Exploring new methods to make your videos more captivating is also important, innovate and introduce fresh ideas that the world has yet to see.

2. Get straight to the point

It is also essential not to make the videos too long or overly drawn out. For instance, in a tutorial, avoid delving into excessive detail for each stage, instead, demonstrate with examples and highlight key nuances and methods. In simpler terms, focus solely on what is relevant to the topic at hand. For example, when discussing knitting, viewers will likely be interested in which type of hook and yarn to use, rather than the historical origins of knitting itself. Including a surplus of irrelevant information can appear tedious and unengaging."

3. Use the appropriate video style

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When you create your video content, you are the author and it becomes your intellectual property. It's significant to recognize that intellectual property theft is a serious offense that can result in being blacklisted on creative platforms. However, that's not the only issue, copying someone else's video style or story can lead to viewer backlash, which can negatively impact your blog or channel and even hurt your reputation. Nowadays, uniqueness is crucial, but discovering your style can be challenging. Try analyzing your interactions with friends, and how you engage with people when meeting them, or when presenting projects at significant conferences. By identifying key elements and understanding what resonates with people, you can create something new and introduce a unique style that sets you apart.

4. Use narration and background music

By the storyline, you need to select appropriate musical accompaniment that matches the desired emotion to create and maintain the atmosphere. For example, a horror film would fall flat if jump scares were not emphasized with screams or sharp sounds. There are even cases where films incorporate sounds at special frequencies intended to directly influence the human body, causing physical reactions like trembling. Additionally, it's beneficial to prepare subtitles for people with hearing impairments, as this can greatly enhance accessibility.

5. Determine the right tone for your video

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Each piece of content carries an inherent emotional tone that defines its genre. For example, interesting facts about the universe fall under scientific and educational content, while funny cat videos fall into the entertainment category. Each type of content aims to entertain or educate viewers about specific topics or news. When filming an interview with an interesting person, ensure that your questions are relevant to the intended topic. It would be inappropriate to include clips from a children's cartoon when discussing serious subjects in the editing process. While it's important to adopt different approaches and styles for each genre, avoid excessive use of visuals, music, and narration that distract from the main topic instead of providing meaningful information.

6. Mind the length of your video

Another equally significant factor is the length of the video. Analyze your YouTube views to understand which video lengths are most popular among your audience. It's widely recognized that shorter videos, typically around 3 minutes in duration, are currently the most popular. This trend reflects our memory capacity and busy schedules, which often limit our time for watching longer videos. For instance, busy individuals tend to prefer shorter videos over longer ones, contributing to the popularity of platforms like TikTok.



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