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Current TikTok Trends

Current TikTok Trends

How do we define the trend as a general term? It is a prevailing pattern or direction in which something such as behaviors, preferences, or ideas develops or moves within a specific context reflecting the current popular inclination. It represents the collective movement or adoption of a particular style. Speaking about trends in the context of the TikTok platform, knowing the current inclination or the viral TikToks allows creators to produce content that resonates with the platform’s audience including various effects and transitions for additional viewer engagement. Let us talk about what these trends are, give you tips on how to define them and what are the crucial parts and tools that impact these trends formation.

TikTok trends evolve rapidly. Being aware of what's trending keeps creators up-to-date with the latest memes, challenges, dances, songs, or formats that users are engaging with. This knowledge helps to create fresh and appealing content. As these new trends are ever-changing, creating a list of current trends that are going to be irrelevant in the span of 2024 is not the best solution. Instead, we are going to teach you how to learn current trends no matter the time.

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This method is simple. To be able to find these trends we recommend going on TikTok from your phone and clicking the search icon. Search for the “Early Trend Alert”, “Trending Now”, or “New Trend”. The key thing here is we want to go on the right-hand side of the search bar and press on filters and now filter the content for the ‘Date Posted’. Choose either ‘Yesterday’, or ‘This week’. Click apply, and then it is going to pop up. Now, click on the videos one by one. Pick a video and click on the sound to see how many videos the trend has. If it has less than 50 thousand videos – you are early to the trend. If it is more than 50K then you are good to go and use that sound as TikTok algorithms have already noticed that trend.

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Now, hop onto your PC and google for It is going to take us to the TikTok for business page. And what we want to do here is scroll down to the bottom and find the ‘Creative center’ at the bottom of the page. This is going to give us trends, ads, and insights that elevate your whole creative game. Scrolling down this current page will bring you to what is hot on TikTok including current trending TikTok hashtags, songs, top creators, and TikTok Videos which are represented here by tabs.

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Here is a top list of relevant hashtags for the present day:

  1. #aifilter
  2. #jamorant
  3. #wompwomp
  4. #ladiabla
  5. #winterbreak

Knowing these hashtags allows you to make the platform’s algorithms work in your favor as you have them implemented in your video description. That is also a way to learn what are these hashtags relevant for. Click the ‘See analytics’ from here and it will show you the analytics for the current hashtag in specific regions and time frames. Besides, scrolling down you can also observe the Interest over time with the percentages that represent the scale of video views that is relative to its highest value and within the time it has been on the chart.

It will also give you a hint on how likely is it for the given trend to remain relevant for the next 7 days. Scrolling down more, you will see the ‘Audience insights’ with the ‘Age range’ and the ‘ Related interests’ to this hashtag. This allows you to define if that hashtag is relevant to your audience's specific interests, age, region, and so on. As a bonus, you can also see the ‘related hashtags’ to the chosen hashtag itself plus the creators for all the above.

In the TikTok Videos tab of the Creative Center you will see the video styles that are trending, learn about the effects and transitions that people are using for that, and may also see these hashtags from the top list included as well. As you were on the hashtags tab you could also click the ‘See related videos’ to watch the hashtag-relevant videos.

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The given source has a lot of useful information given for free which allows dedicated content creators to stay relevant in trends and grow their audience in no time. Stay tuned for analytics if you are serious about your success on the platform, therefore it is a really professional approach to stand out among the competitors.



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