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Why are TikTok sounds so important?

Why are TikTok sounds so important?

In 2023, social networks are becoming more popular every day, and it is simply impossible to deny it. But many people want to join this area but simply do not understand what and how it works, because sometimes there is too much information. For example, how to understand finding music by sound if a person has never used TikTok or other social networks, and this is a problem. Therefore, this article will describe why music is so significant. And we will give recommendations and tips that will help you choose the right music that will bring a lot of views to the video that will be filmed in the future.

How to Use TikTok Sounds to Boost Engagement

The first rule to follow is the right choice of music because if you decide on an unpopular song, no one will be interested in it. But if you make a video for the most popular TikTok songs, then everything will be completely different, and people's involvement will be immediately noticeable. So to get into trends and shoot a cool video, need to select a cool song for it that will fit the style of the video, and this is significant. You can look for such songs everywhere, because almost everyone shoots a video for popular songs, and there are a lot of such songs. So you should also pick them carefully, because if the song is unique, then it will attract attention, and if not, then everything will be the other way around.

Why are TikTok sounds so important? — Photo №1

There is a list of the most popular TikTok sounds that are currently very popular, and the videos that are shot under them immediately get to the top. Here are the top 5 which are the most popular.

1. If We Ever Broke Up by Mae Stephens

2. girls like me don't cry (sped up) by thuy

3. LOOK AT ME by sanika, skywvker

4. Barbie Girl by Lady Aqua

5. Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral by WZ Beat.

It is under these sounds that people shoot tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of videos every day, and these are incredible results that amaze me.

How to find and save sounds on TikTok

To find a song on TikTok, just go to the search engine, which is located in the second section from the bottom. But there are also questions like how to make a sound on TikTok, and here everything is done a little differently. When creating your video, firstly, you can upload your sound that will comply with the rules of the site. Secondly, you can shoot video and immediately record sound on the go, and it will also become unique, and can be used more than once. There are many ways to save sounds and music from social networks, the most popular is the use of third-party programs that do it for free in a matter of seconds.

Why are TikTok sounds so important? — Photo №2

If a person has never used popular sounds on TikTok, then, most likely, his videos did not fall to the top, because music is the key point that needs to be taken into account. The trend is an integral part of all social networks, and they simply cannot be ignored, so music should be used on an ongoing basis. The main thing is that the video itself should be of high quality, and need to select music for it, and then everything will work out for sure and millions of people will watch the video.



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