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What is cross-posting?

What is cross-posting?

Many people know that in 2023 there are social networks that exchange almost all information with each other. For example, Facebook and Instagram are social networks that can interact literally at the touch of a button. And these functions are very convenient because you do not need to do a huge number of actions as before to achieve the same result that is now done in one click. Therefore, today we will talk about how to use these opportunities and how to attract attention with their help.

Cross-posting social media

As already mentioned, the most striking example is cross-posting on Instagram, which closely interacts with Facebook. The trends that a person sees in one social network can be almost identical in another, so you can understand that people exchange the same information and post the same information on two different social networks. Some people think that cross-posting is not a very useful feature, but in fact, it can be used to draw attention to, for example, two completely different categories of people who have not seen you before.

Videos you can cross-post

If you think a little, you can understand that not all benefits of cross-posting will work as well as, for example, in other opportunities. Because if you post on TikTok for 3 minutes, then it is unlikely that they will watch it to the end and no one will appreciate your efforts. We recommend that you check what kind of content certain subscribers like on different platforms, and only then create and post your content in different areas. Because what people like on TikTok may simply not be like people on Instagram, and this fact needs to be taken into account and not forgotten about.

Cross-post from Facebook to Instagram

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It has already been said more than once today that such social networks as Instagram and Facebook have become the simplest example of social media cross-posting. And in fact, it was these platforms that made it so that the story that you posted on one platform was immediately posted on the other.

Thanks to this opportunity, people were able to share information at the same time in more than one place, and roughly speaking, with such opportunities it is possible to have two different audiences at the same time. Therefore, do not forget about this function, for example, if you want your video not to be seen on Facebook, but it was on Instagram, this function can always be turned off as well as turned on.

How to cross-post on social media without looking spammy

For people not to think that you will save information, you should carefully observe how popular people use Facebook cross-posting. With the help of the experience, you will get an understanding of how to do this or that action and how simply not to bother people.

Analyze your cross-posting

After all of the above, it remains to add only what you need to always analyze your work done. And if you notice that after some action people began to subscribe to you more often, then this is exactly what you need to do in the future. And just the opposite, if the work done has ceased to bring subscribers, then you need to reconsider what you are doing.



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