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What is and How to search for videos on TikTok

What is and How to search for videos on TikTok

Updated:  Jul 22, 2024
Created:  Oct 8, 2022
Time to read:  7 min

Many people in our time become users of new social networks, and everyone has a lot of questions. For example, how to use analytics or simply how to search on TikTok. To understand all this, you first need to understand what our goal is. If you need to find videos that are trending now, then you just need to go to the “Search” tab and look at the different tabs. This function is essential and integral as in any other social network such as YouTube. Because with the ability to search, a person can find the desired information throughout the vast space of the site. Therefore, in this article, you can read how to use search for music or effects that are sometimes simply impossible to find.

Why TikTok search was created

To understand why the search was created, you need to think and remember the times in which, to find something, you had to go to another country. But time goes by, and if a person wants to read a book by a foreign writer, then he goes into the search and looks for what he needs there. With the help of such technologies, in the pocket of every person, there is a phone in which there is all the information of the world that is in the public domain. Similarly, on TikTok, the creators made it so that a person could find any video or person they require in the search simply by typing his nickname. It is for this purpose that such a convenient tool as an investigation was created.

How to search for filters on TikTok

Another question that makes some people rack their brains to find what they want. We are talking about filters that can be applied to the video, because sometimes without them, it is simply impossible to remove some kind of trend or challenge. So to find any effect or filter, you need to go to the video shooting tab, and before shooting it, select a section with millions of different filters for every taste and color in the center-left.

After it is selected, you just need to start shooting your video, and the filter that you have chosen will already be superimposed on top of the clip that will be shot. It is also worth talking about that some filters and masks are applied after the video, they play a purely corrective role, and they change the color correction of the video. Therefore, to add them to your video, you need to have a ready-made video. And then look in the upper right corner, where there is a button for selecting color changes for the video, this is how you can add these effects.

How to search for people on TikTok

Sometimes a person in 2022 may encounter a problem that they simply cannot solve, and in particular, this is a search for a person in a particular social network. Searching for a person is a little more difficult than searching for filters that mu already understood how to search. It is more difficult because first, need to know the nickname of the person you want to find.

And sometimes it is very difficult to find out if the video of the person is already lost, and you do not remember it. But if you know a nickname and want to find someone, it's very easy to do it, need to go to the second tab from the bottom, which looks like a magnifying glass. And on top of the search bar, you need to write the name of the person you want to find, and after a second of searching, the search results will be displayed. It’s also worth carefully entering a query into the search, because if you make a mistake and don’t notice it yourself, finding a person will be a difficult task.

How to search for effects on TikTok

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Many people see some cool filter or effect in someone's video and want to use it, but they just don't understand how to do it. Everything is much simpler than it seems, firstly you need to look at the central part of the video on the right side where the filter or effect icon will be shown. Nevertheless, be careful, because there may not be a choice in this filter, the person who created his clip could apply all these effects and transitions with the help of new applications that do it all in his place. But still, if there is a small square, just need to click on it. And you will be redirected to a new window where you can immediately try out the new effect on yourself and immediately remove your content with it.

How to search hashtags on TikTok

We have already understood how to find a person using the search, and just as successfully we can find filters and various effects. Nevertheless, what to do if you want to know a new trend that is currently at the peak of its popularity? It can be found very simply, with the help of currently popular hashtags that are located under almost every video. They exist to connect certain categories of videos and make a layer that will separate the content from each other. And to find them, just like with the search, click on the magnifying glass icon below, and you will see a whole list of various hashtags. And most importantly, there will be a huge selection of videos with these hashtags and the most popular videos on this topic. Therefore, you can immediately see what is currently considered the top, and what, on the contrary, is already outdated.

How to search for sounds on TikTok

A video on TikTok or Instagram without music in 2022 seems simply impossible because music is the basis of every video. Showing a cool dance or performing a difficult challenge, in any of these cases there will be cool music that will create its energy. Therefore, we need to understand how and where to find it. There are a few simple steps that need to follow to find such an important tool in any video as music. First, need to go to the creation of the video, which is located at the bottom in the middle of the screen of your phone. Before start shooting your video, need to click on the button that looks like a treble clef, which is located at the very top of the screen right in the middle. By clicking on this element, you will be taken to the music section, where millions of different tracks for every taste will be provided for your choice.

Sometimes can’t just find a person in the search because you just forgot his nickname. This is where the ability to use the TikTok search profile comes to mind, which can help you find different profiles or related people. Also, can use a slightly different method that is very effective in some cases, if you cannot find a person for a long time, but you know his friends, this can play into the hands. Just need to find your friend's account and select the item called Subscriptions, where you can see the people to whom this person is subscribed. With the help of simple manipulations, it will be possible to find your friend or just the person you were looking for among the people to whom this person is subscribed.

Interesting facts about Search TikTok

There are some facts that people don't know. Many people do not know that the TikTok search bar can search not only for the right person by his name. But this element can also be used as a search for music or those effects that are sometimes so necessary. You just have to write the name of the song you need, and will find it because TikTok sounds finder is very efficient and can find any music you need. Can also find the effects that we were originally looking for when creating the video directly, but no one forbids looking for them directly in the search if on, that is, there is a desire. The main requirement when looking for something is that need to know the name of what you are looking for. Because without the name of the person or the name of the effect, finding something will be very difficult, and sometimes even impossible.

Many conclusions can be drawn that relate to such a useful and versatile tool as TikTok search. Firstly, everyone understands that you can find almost everything if you know the name of what are looking for. You can use both TikTok comment finder and search for music with effects, with the help of such features, people can find the information they need in less than a second. When creating a video, it is convenient to use the search for effects or music directly in the video shooting menu, which speeds up the process of creating your unique content.



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