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Few tips on how to go live on TikTok

Few tips on how to go live on TikTok

Updated:  May 20, 2024
Created:  Sep 22, 2022
Time to read:  2 min

In our time, many people have paid attention to the fact that social networks are growing at a tremendous speed and pace, which cannot be said, for example, about television. Many began to pay attention to the fact that many people show their carefree life, and just relax showing it for all to see. But what is most attractive is that it is in this seemingly simple occupation that you can earn more for your living than in a regular job. And it is precisely about how to get your audience and show your life live that we will talk about today.

How many followers on TikTok to go live

Different platforms have different requirements that everyone must fulfill in one way or another. Besides, on TikTok, it is impossible to start your live broadcast without having a certain number of subscribers on your account. And a lot of people ask questions like how many followers on TikTok to go live because they just don't know it. Also, in fact, everything is simple, if exactly 1 thousand subscribers have subscribed to your channel, congratulations, you can start a live broadcast.

How to go live on TikTok without 1000 followers

But in 2022, many people cannot easily gain thousands of subscribers, but what if you really want to stream and show your life live? There are several ideas on how to do this, for instance, you can simply write a letter to support and explain your situation. Very often, this is the way that works, and TikTok support helps people and makes it possible to launch your live broadcast. Therefore, if you do not have thousands of followers, do not despair, other easy ways can help you.

How to dual live on TikTok

Few tips on how to go live on TikTok — Photo №1

As already mentioned, there is a certain rule that you need a thousand subscribers to start your discreet, and if you managed to attract an audience to yourself and already have such a number of viewers. Another question arises, how to go live with someone on TikTok? This is a very good question because most often there is not enough support to create top content and to get it, you can invite friends to your broadcasts. If your friend also has subscribers, to go live, you just have to ask him using the button on the stream, and after he accepts the invitation, you will keep your general reserved.

What conclusions can be drawn

After you read the best tips in this article, you will be able to create your unique content and make quality live broadcasts. But also do not forget that you can add cool effects and transitions to your broadcasts and videos that will only decorate them and attract the attention of many people.



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