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5 Best TikTok transitions of 2024

5 Best TikTok transitions of 2024

If you think about the concept of TikTok, you might wonder how such short videos can generate interest. On the other side of the scale is the capacity and creativity of these shorts. Transitions are the key for TikTok viral videos . Clothes have changed at the snap of a finger, and you can change your location with a simple hand swipe. All it looks like a kind of magic trick, and there are a lot of similar ideas, starting with the simple and most popular, ending with transitions that require secondary processing beyond the main TikTok transition app . One simple idea can cause an incredible increase in popularity, and that is what TikTok is all about.

The formula for best TikTok transitions

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The TikTok formula for popularity is pretty simple. You plus ‘WHAT’ = Viral content. Once you can figure out what the missing variable is, it becomes easier to scale. You need plenty of time for that, though. Furthermore, you need to figure out the best way to package your personality or your content style in a way that is deeply connected with culture. That formula is usually applied to the best transition songs on TikTok we are going to discuss today.

Shortlist of the best TikTok transitions 2024

We can describe all the best transitions forever, but it is better to watch once than talk forever. Therefore, we have a list of the best transition TikTok in 2024 for your consideration and research.

  • Finger snap transition
  • Hand swipe transition
  • Hoodie smash transition
  • Hair cut transition
  • Choreography transition

Challenge this list and make your own trend using the knowledge you will get with that theme, and maybe we will see you on that list in 2023! We will try to reveal the main essence of these transitions in turn.

Finger snap & hand swipe – classic of the TikTok best transitions

This transition has solidified its popularity over time and has become a classic of the TikTok short video genre. This transition represents a kind of power over the situation, thereby whatever you want happens at the snap of a finger.

To make this transition, you have to think about what you want to show. This can range from moving out of the hustle and bustle of the city to changing your look from a casual homemade outfit to an evening gown.

If the finger snap shows the simplicity of action, the hand swipe adds a bit of spice and magic to it. With the hand swipe, you can disappear by yourself or make things disappear from the frame and make it all back by swiping back again.

5 Best TikTok transitions of 2024 — Photo №2

Hair cut transition trend of 2024

If the previous transition becomes a classic over time, this one is one of the main trends nowadays. A person with long hair appears in the frame holding the ends in one hand, twitching them up and down synced with the background music. The culmination and the transition are present as the hair is torn off, and the person appears with a shorter haircut right after.

Hoodie smash transition

As soon as the best transitions TikTok appeared, they literally took over with their popularity. The transition combinations are not easy to execute. The essence of it is the classic Outfit or Clothes change transition with the use of a hoodie. It has a variety of solo performances and group interactions. The main point is to discreetly change the color of the hoodie from one to another by acting like you are smashing yourself or a member of the group on different surfaces for the sake of epatage.

Choreography best transitions on TikTok

5 Best TikTok transitions of 2024 — Photo №3

This trend starts at the beginning of 2021 and keeps being viral in 2024. Choreographic transitions are difficult to perform, thereby gaining even more popularity of that. Those types of transitions are the ones that make you blink twice if performed flawlessly. The person performs a beautiful dance, and you notice that his clothes have changed after the pirouette, and now he is wearing classic pants instead of the sports from the beginning. This happens so imperceptibly that you rewind to the beginning and watch the clip over and over again, amazed by how smooth and seamless the transition is, not to mention the choreography itself. It is technically difficult to repeat this, both in terms of performance and application to edit. Usually, such transitions cannot be made real with the best apps for TikTok transitions , and they are outsourced for more powerful post-processing in After Effects and Premiere pro.

Soundtrack influence on best transitions on TikTok

Usually, transitions are followed by a specific soundtrack, and it has a good part of influence here. Therefore, the soundtrack becomes an incentive to let all the classic and new cool TikTok transitions go through it. If you have seen these haircut shorts you can tell that there is a click-click boom style soundtrack is applied, and you can combine finger snap, hand swipe, or outfit change with it the way you like it. The most popular TikToks usually set the trend by being pioneers in the use of certain combinations of transitions, they also usually set the trending soundtracks. This causes a wave of imitations in their style, which leads either to the development of a trend with more complex performance or to its replacement by something new. Considering that you can find a new sound by yourself and set an interesting combination of cool transitions for TikTok or even make a basic one with that sound, which can lead you to increased popularity and trend-setting.



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