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YouTube Shorts Ideas

YouTube Shorts Ideas

YouTube Shorts Ideas

Short-form video content has been competing for viewers' attention across different platforms for the last few years. It has been started with the TikTok invention showing amazing click-through statistics and viewer engagement compared to long-form video content. This phenomenon is easily explained because we live in a fast-paced digital world where people already multiply long video speed by 1.5 or even 2 times to get the info quickly. Recently YouTube short-form content appeared which is called YT Shorts. Being 15–60 seconds long in common, it contains either entertainment or a short recap on the info of your interest. The Shorts got a monetization option recently with pretty harsh conditional requirements of 10M valid views for the last 90 days and 1000 subscribers. This is why it is essential to have ideas for YouTube Shorts, so the platform algorithms will recommend your content and put it into trends eventually.

How to create YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts represent smartphone video formats for scrolling, so you have to apply certain aspect ratios and video dimensions to follow that requirement. It doesn’t mean that you have to record video using your phone in specific, and you can also convert your video into an appropriate container to meet the aspect ratio and resolution requirements to be applicable for YT Shorts format.

How Can I Make My YouTube Shorts Go Viral?

Content quality is important the same as its informative value. Add effects and transitions to your Shorts and make sure to meet quality standards with the record. Going viral has no algorithms, and it happens out of the blue, the more you create, the more chances you get. However, we give you some simple YouTube Shorts ideas and tips that may help you in this regard but do not forget to enjoy the process of creating shorts in the first place which is the main point for uniqueness and personality.

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Easy YouTube Shorts Ideas You Can Try in 2023

There are 5 general ideas you can use for YT Shorts that have the most popularity on the platform and are also easy to do.

Micro Projects

Let’s say you like to create something or fix it manually. The approach here is to show beforehand and then the process you went through to show afterward. You can do before and after as your intro for 5 seconds to draw attention to the subject and then show the whole process.

Recycled content

When you use the Micro Projects approach you can put the link into the description for the complete video. You can use an already-made long-form video project to cut it to small pieces and edit them into Short format. This will cycle your viewers from long to short content giving you more profit eventually. So that you can create a whole video split it into a short version and recycle it back and forth.

Micro Reviews

You can use that 60-second time frame to review some products. Whatever you purchase you can quickly show unpacking, contains, and assembled product work. This will definitely draw attention if you put hashtags of a product you show into the description.


If you like to experiment, let’s say add baking soda to lemon acid and see what happens. People love watching experiments of different kinds but make sure you take safety precautions and put the spoiler to not repeat at home, which will also draw the attention because it supposes that something risky is going to happen in your video.


Lifehacks add quality to our lives. Showing people how something makes your life easier and giving them tips on how could they do their daily routines in a more simplistic way will also be appreciated.

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Funny video shorts

Funny videos in YT shorts usually contain memes from the internet. And you do not even have to edit those videos that much because the humor will do the job. Many people just gather those memes put them on a timeline in their editor and render them as is. The beauty lies in simplicity.

The other way to entertain your audience is to record funny moments of your life. Let’s say your dog does funny things, you just record it and people love watching animals doing funny things. If that often happens, then you can create shorts regularly.

Animals are the most beloved ones for short-form content, however, you can also record how you prank your friends, a good sense of humor is also highly appreciated.

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Most viewed YouTube shorts

The most viewed Shorts from the top charts usually have a certain structure that contains a bit of storytelling, emotional color, amazing facts, and summary. Combining all of that in 60 seconds is priceless. However, some of the most viewed clips contain nothing of that and could be just funny and entertaining. So the major piece of advice we can give is to not focus on perfect content creation in the beginning, it is more important to enjoy the process and let it be your hobby and then see if you can somehow benefit from that.



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