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10 Tips to improve the audio quality of a recording

10 Tips to improve the audio quality of a recording

Updated:  May 23, 2024
Created:  Apr 30, 2024
Time to read:  4 min

Often, the first thing people pay attention to when watching a video is the sound, which attracts and maintains the viewer's attention throughout its duration. That is why, when creating your videos, you need to understand how to make audio clearer so that it does not sound muffled or of poor quality. To assist you in achieving clearer audio, we will provide you with the 10 best tips that will address all your questions.

1. Record in a quiet location

To achieve higher-quality sound, professionals typically record in closed, quiet rooms where no extraneous noises can enter. This practice is essential because high-quality microphones pick up even the smallest ambient sounds, including those that may not be audible during recording. Therefore, when recording sound, ensure absolute silence in your room to prevent any external disturbances.

2. Invest in a decent microphone

"Each microphone is manufactured by a specific company, and its price often reflects the level of quality you can expect. While in some areas you can save money on equipment without sacrificing much, this is not the case with sound recording. A high-quality microphone is crucial for capturing professional sound without interference, unlike a cheap microphone, such as the one on an iPhone. Therefore, if you want to record your voice effectively, it's worth considering investing in a more expensive microphone.

3. Avoid echo

When someone is wondering how to get clear audio recordings, the first concern that typically arises is the presence of echo, which can interfere with the recording. If you find yourself in a room prone to creating echoes, it's best to reconsider recording in that location, as the resulting sound may not match your original intentions. Choose a room with minimal echo by testing it—simply clap your hands and listen to ensure the sound is dull without a noticeable echo.

4. Get a microphone stand

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If you wish, you can record sound even on the go, but it's understood that the final result may be compromised with this approach. After purchasing a quality microphone, consider buying a stand to assist in recording without the need to hold the microphone by hand. Additionally, when a person speaks or records while sitting, there is less restriction on the diaphragm and body, resulting in better audio recordings. Before starting the recording, ensure the stand is stable and securely set up to avoid any incidents during the recording process.

5. Use a pop filter

A pop filter is as indispensable a tool as a stand, and it's rarely something you can do without. This device was invented to make audio tracks cleaner and of higher quality. The purpose of a pop filter is to prevent unnecessary sounds, such as breaths between words, from being picked up during recording. Therefore, to achieve a clean output track without unwanted sounds, it's recommended to invest in this device, which is often quite inexpensive.

6. Stay close to your microphone

Often, microphones are equipped with a pop filter, and if you speak from a distance, your voice may not be picked up clearly. To ensure your voice is heard clearly, stand as close to the microphone as possible and speak with a loud, confident voice. Additionally, remember that you can adjust the microphone's volume sensitivity. By increasing the sensitivity, you can speak more quietly and still be captured effectively.

7. Use a mixer to split up audio channels

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A mixer is essential for many people who want to record tracks separately without them being joined in any way. For instance, when recording two different voices, any mistakes or issues with one voice won't affect the other if they are recorded on separate tracks. Working with a mixer provides assurance that all tracks will be independent and can be processed separately without encountering problems.

8. Make a test recording

Before beginning the main recording, professionals often conduct test recordings to check the functionality of all microphones and additional equipment. There are instances when someone, for example, forgets to turn on the microphone's sound and records an hour-long audio track without realizing that the microphone is off. Therefore, before you start recording your voice, ensure that everything is set up correctly to avoid encountering any issues. For example, check your microphone stand for any issues, install a pop filter in front of the microphone, and assess for any echoes in your recording room.

9. Properly set your gain

If you are using an amplifier to increase the volume of your voice recording or musical instruments, make sure that everything is configured correctly. Overdoing it can ruin the recording by making the sound too loud, wasting your time in the process. This issue can be avoided by conducting a test recording during the verification stage. It will show you whether the amplifier is incorrectly configured and if adjustments are needed, such as turning it up or down.

10. Edit your recording

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After completing the initial recording, the next step is to edit the recording using special app equipped with various tools for working with sound. Aim to reduce any interference and noise present in the track, and apply filters as needed to enhance the sound of your voice or instruments. Finally, save your audio track to your desktop or phone files and continue working from another location. Make sure that when saving, you select the appropriate audio file format so that you can listen to or open it on another device.



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