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How to make a TikTok video resume

How to make a TikTok video resume

Many people say that TikTok wants to become similar to LinkedIn, but in fact, all platforms are trying to be multifunctional and there is no way to do so without copying each other, if you may say so. For instance, Instagram and YouTube expanded their functionality with the advent of TikTok and its growing popularity. So it's a normal phenomenon, and now you can also create video resumes for your job application on TikTok! Today we are going to give you tips on how to make video resume using TikTok that will top up your chances for an interview.

What is a video resume?

Having a video resume is a convenient way to showcase your background experience or elevator pitch and express yourself to employers. This is better than going on foot for every job application and wasting time as you can simply generate interest for recruiters by making a video resume instead.

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Why should you make a TikTok video resume?

HR agencies constantly search for employees and this tool becomes useful for everyone, they surf all the platforms available that have the option to post video resumes. If you use hashtag #tiktokresumes on the platform you will see that many people already use that. Having your resume on different platforms increases your chances for a job application and also targets employers straight on you.

What to say in video resume?

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TikTok video resume has a 3-minute time limit, so we need to know what to tell in that video in a short period of time and emphasize what actually matters. So let us do a video resume template that you can follow if you have no previous experience in doing that.

TikTok resume tips

  1. Start off with a simple introduction where you state your name and the proposition you are applying for. Here you can also add relevant qualifications that make you a strong candidate.
  1. Describe your professional background. Here you can tell about your education, and previous work experience and also show certifications that are relevant to the job if exist. If you have specific achievements or accomplishments this is also worth mentioning in this section.
  1. What you will bring to the table. Talk about your skills and strengths mentioning expertise and soft skills that are relevant for your proposition. You can also share your specific projects that demonstrate your capabilities. Using quantifiable data can raise your chances as you demonstrate your actual impact with it.
  1. Be convenient. In this section, you can tell why are you a good fit for the company. You can discuss your passion for the industry and how you can be useful using your skills to reach the company’s goals and requirements. If the company has a certain culture that you have found you can express yourself on that as well.
  1. Unique points. Identify unique selling points that set you apart from their average candidates. Highlight your uniqueness that explains why they would choose you instead.
  1. Future. Employers are looking for long-term job relationships, this is why it is essential to mention your future plans related to the job.
  1. Ending point. In closing, you need to call for action with another step as an eye-to-eye interview.
  2. Don’t waste time. Your video should be concise and of 1–2 mins in length which emphasizes you as a person who doesn’t waste time and also makes it simple for HR.

Improve content delivery

  1. To improve efficiency you need to dress professionally or in accordance with the job specific.
  2. We recommend recording in a well-lit location without objects in the frame that may distract the viewer.
  3. Good eye contact is important, if you look around a lot in the video, HR might think that you are not serious.
  4. Speak with confidence and be clear, that may take you several attempts to avoid vermin words such as “um and uh”.
  5. Make a script of your speech for a smooth delivery and more confidence.
  6.  Improve your video by editing. Here you can add graphics and text on the screen to highlight key points, and maybe some effects and transitions, but do not overuse that. Also, look for unnecessary content while editing and crop that out if exists.


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Looking for job applications in 2023 set new trends, and now it is more convenient to make everything online, even job-related things such as resumes and interviews. Use the given tips to set your video resume above the competition. Now you have your video resume ready to place under the hashtag. Make sure that each resume you make fits the proposal as you can’t use one video every time, they should be unique.



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