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How to improve your ability to create videos with swipe transitions?

How to improve your ability to create videos with swipe transitions?

Before creating a video, a person must know many aspects that are sometimes simply incomprehensible. For example, as a person who has just met TikTok, you can understand how to do the swipe transition on TikTok this is a good question. And all this is because the development of social networks does not stand still, and many people simply do not keep up with it. So to understand everything in this article, we will discuss how to make cool transitions and surprise people with them. We will also give recommendations and a few steps with tips to make a video from which it will be difficult to take your eyes.

How to do swipe transition on TikTok?

Before making any video, whether with effects or transitions, need to understand that the quality of the video is the first step. When shooting a video, need to remember that lighting is very important, and cannot shoot your videos without it, because the picture will not be very good at all. You also need to think about the script of the video because it is just as significant as the quality. Without a cool storyline, the video simply won’t be interesting, and to do a swipe transition on TikTok, need to pick up a lot of things and ideas. So here are a few steps that will help you create a video with swipe transition.

First step

The first thing to do is to choose scenes and locations that will constantly change in the frame. For instance, you can take off your clothes and put on another one in the next frame and make it all go smoothly. It is necessary to select locations that will fit together and that it would be just nice to look at them, this is the main thing.

Second step

How to improve your ability to create videos with swipe transitions? — Photo №1

After that, need to start shooting your videos, highlighting some main detail on which all attention will be focused on each location. Besides, the first location is food, the second is shoes, and the last is something else that will attract people to you. And with each transition of the frame, need to make a new attraction for people.

Third step

The last step will be processing the video and editing it. It is necessary to make it so that the thing on which the time was drawn passes to the next frame as a separate part. For example, the thing that will be central in the next one climbs onto the first frame, and so on until the last frame, it turns out some kind of endless video that continues before it starts. Even describing it, it's really hard to imagine because it's cool, and it looks even better, so people will be delighted.

Why do people choose VJump?

Often people cannot create videos even with tutorials and therefore there is such an application as VJump, it is it that can help even the most beginner to create a video that will be in trend. Because this application gives a complete guide to creating hundreds of cool transitions, and right at the time of creating a video, you can read what to do. For example, here are a few steps on how to do a swipe transition on TikTok:

1. Launch TikTok.

2. Press the plus button at the bottom of the screen to open the camera.

3. Either take a video with the pink record button or select a video with the “Download” icon in the bottom right corner.

4. Click next.

5. In the editing screen, click the “Swipe transition effect” tab.

6. Tap the effect to use it, then tap the video again to return.

And having done all of the above, you can create a top video that will force people to review it to understand how it could be done at all.

Conclusion on how to do the swipe transition on TikTok

How to improve your ability to create videos with swipe transitions? — Photo №2

Concluding, it is worth saying that effects and transitions are exactly what you can attract the attention and views of people to your person who will be simply surprised. Because many simply do not understand how to do it, and if a person is the first to do something unique, then they will appreciate it and will watch the video with pleasure.



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