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Why video size reduction is important

Why video size reduction is important

Many people in 2023 are just starting to master social networks and it is difficult for them. Because many years have passed since the creation of the Internet and there is too much information. Therefore, to delve into all this, need to spend a huge amount of time, which some simply do not have. For example, how can an inexperienced person understand what resize video is, it's not easy because to understand how to do it, you will have to watch a lot of tutorials. Therefore, in this article, we will give recommendations that can help people create videos and crop photos so that they look better and fall into the trend.

How to Resize a Video

To make video sizes on Instagram, you first need to shoot a video or take a photo that needs to be changed. And it’s worth saying that to make a video that gets to the top, need to make a high-quality video that will attract people’s attention. Besides, need to pay attention to the creation of a high-quality story, this is important because this is the first thing that attracts people. And if the content has already been created, then you just need to choose a social network in which you can edit photos or videos, and this can be done almost anywhere. For instance, Instagram resizer is very convenient because there you can crop a photo in a matter of seconds by simply uploading your photo.

How do I resize a video for Instagram?

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Many people ask how to resize the video specifically on Instagram, because often for the photo to fit in size, needs to be on Instagram. And in fact, this can be done quite simply and there is nothing complicated, as you could already understand. Firstly, need to go to the social network itself and look at the bottom, where the selection icons are located, and need to click on the plus sign to create a new publication. After that, you can see many functions that can be applied, and we need the one that is responsible for resizing the photo. This button resembles two triangles that create a square, with their help you can create a cropped photo.

How do I resize a video on my phone?

If a person has plans to create a video on the phone, then there is also no need to be scared and think that it will be more difficult to do it here because it is not so. When shooting video on the phone, it’s even more convenient because all the functions are literally at hand and you can use them anytime. But if a person shoots his story or video directly on the social network, then there will be a slightly different conversation, but this is not about that now. To change the size of a video on your phone, need to go to the gallery and select the desired video, after which need to go to change the video. And already there in the tools, there will be a button that will be signed as resizing, with its help you can do what so many people want, crop and resize the video.

Conclusion about the size of a video

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To summarize, it is worth saying that need to crop the video if the social network requires it because of its size rules. But you shouldn't just crop this or that video, because it is most likely already good enough, the size rules are almost the same everywhere, so it is unlikely that a video or photo may not fit in size. But still, if you had to crop it when creating a top video. Then it has already become clear that it is quite simple and no one should think that it can be difficult and no one will ask how to resize video questions.



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