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Most viewed videos on TikTok

Most viewed videos on TikTok

Updated:  May 24, 2024
Created:  Dec 18, 2022
Time to read:  2 min

On every social platform, some people, and videos are different from others, they gain millions of likes and are the most polar in their environment. We will talk about such videos on TikTok so that no one asks questions like what is the most viewed video on TikTok.

The most viral TikTok video is the first to open the veil of Bella Porch under M to the B. In this video, she films herself to the most trending song of the moment. After she filmed her dance to this song, she gained more than half a billion views, which is one of the most popular videos at the moment.

Not surprisingly, Will Smith became the second candidate with the Wipe It Down flash mob. One of the most popular actors took off a popular trend that implies a sharp change in the image in the mirror. With this trick, the car was able to collect 20 million likes, an incredible number of likes for people who have just started making their videos.

To the surprise of many, the top three also included a simple person who simply filmed his fascinating life on camera. He was driving down the road on his skateboard while drinking juice and singing a song that was also popular in 2022. And with the help of this video, he gained not only fame and 15 million likes, but also multiple gifts from companies that noticed him.

Fourth in line for the most viewed video of all time is a man who filmed himself and his pet goose. But not just filmed, but filmed how they both dance to unusual trendy music, which caused genuine emotions in everyone.

And the last one on our list will be the video that got 3 million likes and many views, this is Julian Bass who showed the whole world the most incredible special effects that simply amazed many people. With this approach to his videos, he was able to attract the eyes of millions of people from all over the world to him.

Most viewed videos on TikTok — Photo №1

It is very simple to answer the question of why the most viewed video on TikTok is popular, we recommend that you try to understand this issue yourself. Because by emphasizing for yourself the qualities of successful people and comparing them with yourself, you can reach the same heights as they do. Using tips that you can read on the Internet, you can make videos that will also attract millions of people. But, people who have huge popularity have it because of the huge distance they have traveled, they have been making videos over the years and improving them every time. Therefore, to become the most popular in your business, you need to have a great desire and perseverance, which can lead you to success. There is no talent without perseverance, do not forget about this fact, so before you do something, make sure that you are ready to do this business hard.

How to make the most viewed TikTok video very easy

Most viewed videos on TikTok — Photo №2

To create popular videos, you need to use all the resources that you can use. So that you don't ask questions like what is the most viewed TikTok in the future, because if you work hard you will be one of those people who stand on top. All you have to do is follow trends, and use quality lighting and a camera. Shoot videos regularly, and then you will become a great blogger who will not ask questions like what's the most viewed TikTok.



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