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How to make money with a Brand Partner you trust in 2022

How to make money with a Brand Partner you trust in 2022

Updated:  Apr 19, 2024
Created:  Oct 8, 2022
Time to read:  7 min

In 2022, many people became interested in social networks, and in particular Instagram and TikTok, due to the fact that hundreds of thousands of new users register on these platforms every day. And this is most of all interested in people who want to earn money through their personality or promoting their business. Need to understand that for a partner to contact you, need to have a fairly large audience. Because if no one watches you, it will not make sense for partners to advertise something through you. Therefore, the first goal that should set for yourself is to achieve a certain number of subscribers. But to do this, need to do a lot of work, and therefore there will be further information on how to make money on TikTok.

How much does TikTok pay

Many are wondering how much TikTok pays for videos and content that people around the world shoot. A lot of certain factors affect this, besides where you are located, and this also matters a lot. For instance, a person from America can receive many times more for advertising TikTok than the same person from the central part of Europe. This is due to the fact that different advertisers are willing to pay different amounts of money, and what will be advertised in one part of the world will not be advertised in another. Therefore, to find out how much TikTok will pay you or some other specific person, you need to study more factors that will be an indicator of earnings.

Partner with an influencer

Many companies to promote their products are looking for people who have a huge audience, and have a huge influence in certain circles in a particular network. This is what means that a simple influencer can become an ambassador for any company. Besides, if you have many followers, and you create content about unique perfumes, then the most popular perfume company Armani, for example, can contact such a person and offer you cooperation. It is with such manipulations that the person and the company receive mutual benefit, the company receives a huge influx of new users, and the content creator receives a profit that can be read in seven-figure sums.

How much does TikTok pay per view

Firstly, people think about creating their page because of the profit that may be in the future. Therefore, everyone is interested, for instance, how much does TikTok pay for 1 million views? This question is as difficult to answer as the one about ad payouts. But still, you can find one of the exact amounts on the Internet, for example, TikTok pays from 2 to 4 cents for 1 thousand views.

And you can simply calculate that for a million views a person receives an average of $30. It seems that it is not enough, but in fact, it also depends on the region in which the video was filmed, and the issue of advertising is also relevant. Because if a blogger’s videos get millions of views, then it’s obvious that there are ads, so the amount that TikTok can pay for a million views can be very different from what we calculated.

Use TikTok to Advertise Your Products

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A person who already knows about the existence of a business account on TikTok understands that with the help of social networks, you can greatly promote your business and business. For example, if you create your own cosmetics, but don’t know how to advertise them, you can simply create your own TikTok and show products to millions of people. It’s simple in words, but in reality, everything is not as simple as it might seem, so first, you need to come up with your own strategy for promoting a product or business.

After that, you should start making videos that will also have their own interesting and unique plot in order to attract as many people as possible. And with this approach, you can attract the views of people from all over the world, the basis of this business is the verification of analytics. It is she who will help you understand what kind of audience is watching you, and what kind of people are watching you.

How much money do TikTokers make

Also, need to understand that different layers of TikTokers exist on this site, there are Different Earning Sources that you can use. E.g, some bloggers simply transfer their audience to other social networks, such as Instagram, and already their large companies buy ads from them, which brings in money. If we talk about profit and how much money TikTok pays, there is no one answer, as you already understood, if a person has more than a million subscribers, you can understand that he earns decent money.

The content that you will shoot and promote is also very important because there are topics that are popular for everyone, and there are narrow circles of people who are interested in them. But in general, popular TikTokers get much more than they can get in a regular job that you have to go to every day. Nevertheless, do not be mistaken and think that this profession is easier than any other, it is as difficult as working and going to the office every day.

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Shoot creative and cool videos

A person who wants to attract a million-strong audience must understand that for his videos to attract attention, they must be catchy. Therefore, before creating your video, think about creating content that no one has seen yet, because it is something new that attracts people the most. With this, transitions and effects can also help you, which can play a big role in creating clips. Because these are the key points that can play a big role, maybe they can help your video breakthrough.

Firstly, follow the trends that are currently popular in the world. With the help of recommendations and with the combination of unique content that you create, the popularity of a particular video will not be long in the coming. Nevertheless, do not forget that you should not rely on recommendations 100 percent, because the algorithm of their work calculates many factors, for example, the content that you shoot, it evaluates and makes its verdict. Foremost, need to shoot such videos that you can watch yourself and understand that you have shot high-quality content that you want to watch once in a while.

How much do you get paid on TikTok

How much TikTok will pay depends only on the content you shoot. You need to understand that you can’t shoot one video a month and remain popular, for instance, you can act like that on YouTube, but there is a completely different strategy for introducing and presenting content. Therefore, if you want to know how much TikTok pays for views, and how much you get exactly, you need to count on how many people watch your videos.

If you have a sufficient number of subscribers and advertisers have approached you, then you will be nominated by the amount that they are willing to allocate for you to advertise to them. But if not, you need to build on the number of views that you have now, as mentioned earlier if an average of 3 cents is paid for 1 thousand views. Then to consistently earn at least $20, you will need to gain about 600 thousand views on the video. Knowing the algorithms of TikTok, if the video you shot was highly appreciated by people in the first minutes of its appearance, then you can probably get more than a million views without even having a minimal audience.

Get paid from the TikTok Contributor Fund

Not so long ago, a community appeared on TikTok that officially created a content monetization program for everyone. Therefore, you can no longer ask questions like how much do TikTokers get paid, you can just go to the official website of a particular social network and see about this program directly on the website. It was created so that everyone could simply and naturally start monetizing their unique content. Because if a person has millions of subscribers and views, but he does not receive anything for it, this is at least not fair.

The creators decided that every work should be paid, but still, there are some rules that need to be observed. The first rule is the banalest, a person must be 18 years old so that he can be responsible for himself, you also need to shoot videos regularly, at least 30 in two weeks. So it will not be possible to shoot two videos a month and get the salary of an ordinary working person for this. If you fit these parameters, you just need to apply and wait for a response. The basic principle remains, as always, simple, you need to devote a lot of time to the chosen case and treat it like real work, and then everything will work out for sure.



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