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How to film TikToks

How to film TikToks

People in our time are becoming more and more digitally educated because without knowing how to use the phone in 2023, life is quite difficult and sometimes impossible. And many, for many reasons, began to pay attention to social networks and TikTok, because according to statistics, the growth of this social network is seven figures. As interest grows, so does the number of questions that people ask, besides, how to edit videos, because no one teaches this directly on the social network. Therefore, today we will talk about how to edit a TikTok video and give some useful tips that will help you figure it out.

How to film and edit TikTok transitions

To start understanding your videos, it is critical to create your TikTok account and have a phone or camera with which you can shoot your videos. You should also pay attention to the TikTok editing app because if you want to make complex transitions, then most likely you can do them in special applications. But simple videos, most likely, without incredible transitions, you can make directly on TikTok, there is all the necessary base and tools for creating masterpieces that may fall into trends.

How to add and edit captions

To add your signature, firstly, need to shoot your video or have an idea that will be further implemented. After that, in the video editor, you need to find an icon that looks like the letter T, by clicking on it, you will see a window that you can use by writing text there. After something you write, it will be visible when your video is played by people on their screens. We recommend that you do not write too large and bright text so as not to overshadow what is happening on the main plan.

How to add music to TikToks

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Adding music to your TikTok video with an editor is a lot easier than it might seem at first glance. Because in the editor that is built into the application, everything is already thought out. When someone creates a video, they can see a button in the top center that looks like a treble clef, and if for instance, you click on it, you will be taken to the music selection menu for your video. That's all, by clicking on the desired music, it will automatically be added to your video.

How to edit TikTok videos

To process video, you do not need to have a modern application that is designed for video editing professionals. Everything is much simpler, you can shoot your video with your share of uniqueness right on TikTok and edit it there as you need.

Can you edit a TikTok once it’s posted?

Unfortunately, if you have already posted a video, then editing it is no longer possible, but do not despair. Because there is, for example, the ability to hide the video and apply filters on top of the finished video, many bloggers use this life hack and get to the top of world trends.

Exporting videos for TikTok

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If you have already made a video and want to upload it, then this is not a problem, and you can do it on TikTok. You just need to go to the video editor and look in the bottom right corner, there you can see a square icon that will redirect you to your gallery. After that, you can choose the video that you need to edit or immediately put on your page. It is also worth remembering that there are video permissions and rules to follow, so pay attention to the size of your video and the format you want to upload to TikTok, this plays a role.

Describe VJump app

VJump app is a new app that can make your video a hundred times better. The main thing that this application can do is add a stunning transition to your video from which your viewers will be delighted. And most importantly, the choice of transitions in VJump is incredibly large, and there will be plenty to choose from.



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Create impressive video effects/transitions for TikTok without video editing skills!
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