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How Long Can My Instagram Video Be

How Long Can My Instagram Video Be

Instagram was launched in 2010 and became the main social media to share photos with its uniqueness. Its popularity has grown, and it developed from being a top photo social media to a mixed one with various post types. The main concern of modern users in 2023 is what their length of instagram story videos max. Nobody likes to be cut off, so let us delve into the topic and see what options Instagram has for video posting.

Length of Instagram Video

Instagram recently made a significant change on the app having to do with video. They started moving away from photo-sharing which they were for a long time, and now their main focus is video to compete with TikTok with all its effects and transitions and also YouTube trends. So that they extended instagram length of video possibilities natively. Before going deep into the topic let us do a short review on posting options on Instagram. There are different ways to post on Instagram including photos, text, and videos. Open up your Instagram app and find a plus sign on your screen. It could be top right or at the bottom of your screen. After that, you want to choose one of the following options to post which have particular differences.

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Feed post

A regular feed post is the default Post option. Here you can select a video or photo to share including multiple images at once by using the carousel icon. Here you can then edit your images with built-in filters and make adjustments for brightness saturation and more. When you are finished, you can add a caption for your post including hashtags or mentioning your friends. The maximum length of instagram video is now up to 60 minutes.

Before, Instagram videos on the feed could only be up to 60 seconds long. Now they could be up to 60 minutes. Before, they had this option called IGTV which is now removed entirely if you have your Instagram app updated, and that stood for videos longer than 60 seconds.

Now using the Default post option you can share the video for up to 60 minutes, however, it has a specific appearance on the feed.

Specifics on Feed Post Videos

So the ‘Post’ option now is the way to share the video without 60-second limitations. However, the preview of that posted video is still going for 60 seconds if you just click on it from the feed, and it has a play button different from the reels icon that you can see in the reels tab. But if you go to the video itself by tapping on it running in a preview screen you will get to the full video version instead of preview. This is how you can see the maximum length of videos on Instagram.

How Long Can an Instagram Reel Be?

You can also post in the Reels section and those videos have a 90 seconds limitation and do not disappear. Those videos are similar to TikTok or YouTube shorts. Reels are the best way to gather followers and become viral on Instagram as their algorithms follow that.

How Long can IG Story Be?

The stories option is a temporary post that disappears after 24 hours and is a great way to share what you are up to at the moment. IG story time limit used to be 30 seconds, but now you can do stories for 60 seconds length of video on instagram.

Is There an Instagram Live Time Limit?

How to edit the length of an instagram story video? Another option is to go live, and now you can stream up to 4 hours on Instagram. This VOD could be saved and viewed by those who were unable to join you live, however, this video could be reserved only for 30 days.

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So How long are videos on Instagram?

Let us do a short recap on the length of instagram videos and post types accordingly.

  1. Regular post Videos up to 60 minutes on verified accounts
  2. IG Reels time limit is up to 90 seconds with the Reel tool usage
  3. Live streams allow you to save up to 4-hour video for 30 days
  4. Stories have 60 seconds limit and are going to be available for 24 hours

Now we know how long can IG videos be, so use one of those post options to create content that suits you with the recommended time maximum length of video on instagram.



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