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How to Create a Trending Video on Social Media

How to Create a Trending Video on Social Media

Online marketing has already concluded that there is no selling without showcasing the product. According to many researchers, video content is consumed by 80% of users' traffic, and the conversion ratio increases by 60% if the video meets your audience's requirements. We can’t touch anything online, and the best way to sell something, be it the content itself or the product included, is to give a good visual representation, sticking to trends and engaging the audience. In this guide, we are going to share tips and tricks on how to create the video and get as many viewers involved as possible.

How to Create Social Media Content?

Before recording any video content, you have to stay in touch with your audience. You need to understand their needs and be able to supply their demands. When it is much easier for small content creators as it is much easier to stay tight with smaller audiences, big content creators have to analyze their demographic parameters and see their reach. These analytics help to provide valuables to the table and your viewership to appreciate it.

When it comes to creation, you better start with a script where you point out general terms, structure, and everything you need to stay on the topic and convey information.

Depending on the video type, you may have to research the things you want to convey. Or guide yourself on editing if your videos are going to take a dynamic storytelling approach.

What are the best types of Video Content for Social Media?

According to researchers, creating a video for social media has a variety of content types that are trending these days.

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Vertical Videos

To have the most reach to any audience, you want to create content for social media vertically, as we live in a world of smartphones, and not as many people sit in front of their monitors.

Viral Videos on Social Media

Moreover, vertical format aligns with the purposes of short-form content be it TikToks, Instagram Reels, or YouTube shorts as the most trending video content type which we call videos virales.

Live Streaming

Besides, the live-streaming format may resonate in the hearts of those who get used to interacting with a broadcaster or content creator.

Multiple Formats

Depending on the platform of your choice, there is a plethora of video content types within the platforms. However, it is better to be versatile and opt for multiple types at once, considering that many platforms provide options for that.

5 Social Media Video-Making Tips to Increase Engagement

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Hook up your audience

The first 5-15 seconds of a video is the time when viewers decide if the content is engaging for them to watch. Here you have to explain why they are going to watch it and what values it provides, be it a product that they might be interested in, or the information that you convey as a guide or tutorial. Describe the subject in short terms and give it a structure as people like to see how pieces of information come together.

Add Creative Touch

Monotone videos become boring very fast, which you can see by the analytics on the watch time. This is why it is so important to fill your videos with something creative. As such, using trending video effects and transitions comes in handy. Guide yourself to watching trending videos from TikTok and see what they use and then learn how to implement the same into your content.

Segmentation and Subtitles

When you watch Y2be videos you may notice that most of them have segments with descriptions. That way your viewers can switch to a more interesting part in case they already know the part of the subject you discuss in the video. Moreover, such a simple thing as enabling subtitles may greatly increase your audience reach as not all people can use audio cues.

Interact with your audience

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Interaction is a great feature for Live Streams, where you can basically read chat and propose the feedback. However, when it comes to pre-recorded content, you can still add elements of interaction. For instance, If you are selling a product, this could be the links in descriptions or stickers over the video on time.

It is also helpful even without selling anything but promoting your other videos by importing the thumbnails at the end of the current video. These interactive elements can be found on YouTube content management pages.

Repurpose your content

You may create beautiful videos on YouTube, but in the worlds where short forms rule the show, you have to have different versions of the same content for repurposing. For example, create Shorts on YouTube from your original content to increase the view count on the original one. The short itself can also serve as a hook, where you give them a glimpse of something interesting to watch as a whole. Besides, this way you have a chance to create a viral video that you can monetize despite having the purpose of reaching out your original content. Moreover, do not hesitate to upload your content on multiple social media for higher reach.



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