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3 Cool Easy TikTok Transitions

3 Cool Easy TikTok Transitions

Starting seemingly in the not-too-distant year of 2016, TikTok has a myriad of content today. As a viewer, you've probably noticed how quickly time flies by while watching videos like this. Even though they are short and most trending videos are of 15 seconds each, they can swallow you up for hours and days. So what makes these videos so appealing?

The main trick is the transitions. To tell a good story with your video, it's not enough just pitch and artistry, you need some kind of twist. The different variations of transitions serve as that highlight. Today we are going to talk about how to do cool TikTok transitions.

Performing cool transitions on TikTok

The TikTok app library abounds with different blanks for almost every taste and color, but content creators prefer to do transitions by hand. Manual transitions allow you to be more creative and make unique content. Only the new and interesting wins out in the media world these days. Today we're going to discuss three simple transitions, as well as how to DIY.

3 rules on how to make cool transitions on TikTok

Before we dive into the world of transitions, we need to know the rules of the game, and what are these transitions?

Transition is a specific action or gesture that you make between two or more scenes in order to combine them into one. To pull this off and get quality, there are three rules:

  1. The video must look seamless.
  2. The end of one scene must be a continuation of the next.
  3. Overlay music should be in sync with the video

Cool TikTok transitions rules explained

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  1. In order to achieve seamlessness, it is important to understand one thing, no matter

 what you do in front of your camera, everything else that appears in the frame should remain unchanged, as long as it is not the main point of the video or the transition itself. Let's look at an example. If you do finger snaps and someone walks in the background or things on the bed change their position - this will be visible, there will be a seam. But on the contrary, you are sitting still and the backlight in your room is changing, it can be used as a background transition. But everything else that is not part of the main idea should remain in the same places. Even your position makes a difference. If you do one action at one distance from the camera, and then do a second action after a transition from a different distance, there's again a seam between those scenes. So people even mark their floor in different ways to remember where to stand.

  1. The second rule is essentially derived from the first, but with its own specifics. If the

transition is a particular action that combines two different scenes, then by shooting these very scenes you need to repeat the same action to make the end of the first scene become the beginning of the second scene. So if sunglasses appear on your face after you wave your hand, you need to capture the moment of the wave of the hand in the point of scene number one and make the hand continue on the same path in scene number two.

  1. For audio and video sync, we recommend starting with the sound. There are two

 ways of making content. The first you hear the driving music, this music can generate the idea for the video in your head, and you are already filming the action to this music in the end. So it's easier to start by finding a track. But it's also the other way around, you get an idea first, and then you polish it with music. The main work here is divided into two parts. The first part is the process of shooting, the second part is the work on the timeline in the application. You will bring together your video and adjust it to the music in your app like a DJ doing mixtapes at a party.

Shortlist of cool transitions TikTok

These are the most common and some of them become classic already, therefore have their value even being easy to make.

  1. Finger snap

  2. Hand swipe
  3. Camera rotations or perspective change

Let's figure out how to make these cool transitions for TikTok

How to do cool transitions on TikTok

3 Cool Easy TikTok Transitions — Photo №2

  1. Finger Snap is one of the most popular and classic transitions. With a snap of the

finger, you can either change your surroundings and magically move from place to place, or you can change your appearance instead of your background. With the first snap you get sunglasses, the second one gets you a cap, on the third snap you get a swimsuit, and on the fourth snap - you're on the beach. As you can see you can do transitions combo mixing up foreground and background actions from changing clothes to dislocation with just one transition. For this transition, it is very important that you keep your position in relation to the camera to respect the rule of seamlessness.

  1. Hand swipe is more complicated compared to a finger snap, because of the 2nd rule.

 You need to merge scenes in the middle of your transition action. Whatever you do, your hand swipe in the first scene should be a continuation of the second one. You want to put glasses on with a hand swipe, just record yourself w/o glasses doing a hand swipe, then do the same action but with glasses on. Make sure your hand doing completely the same movement and pathing to follow the 1st rule.

  1. Perspective change is like the third level of difficulty for basic transitions. Because

 you are going to do the action from a 3d-perspective, you need to be even more precise here.

Here are also 2 types of action, background or main ground change.

If you want to do a background change, you need to align your sight with your frontal camera. Speed and consistent movement is your friend here to beat seams. Background changes with new location as you remain unchanged in the frame. You can do these spins with stops to emphasize the background change, then repeat, like the case with Finger Snap transitions.

Another way is to move your camera back and forth not aligning your sight to it, and use that for makeup change for instance. The best timing to change your appearance doing camera rotation is when the camera does not see your face or anything that you are going to change in the scene doing this transition.

If this article helped you to understand how to make cool TikTok transitions, do not forget to be creative with it, because only your imagination is the limit when the variety is unlimited!



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