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How to come up with engaging YouTube ideas

How to come up with engaging YouTube ideas

Updated:  May 27, 2024
Created:  Apr 13, 2024
Time to read:  3 min

To generate interesting and unique ideas for YouTube videos, you need to understand many technical aspects that may not be immediately apparent. Firstly, pay attention to current YouTube trends, which are currently highly popular. Successful YouTubers don't always start from scratch, they analyze the market and follow similar strategies as others, which you can also try. However, it's crucial not to replicate videos entirely, as this could be seen as plagiarism and won't be well-received.

The best YouTube videos often present something novel and unprecedented, so try blending others' YouTube video ideas with fresh elements to surprise viewers. Additionally, to brainstorm engaging video ideas, it's important to stay updated and interested in your chosen topic, seeking out new information to broaden your knowledge base.

15 Best YouTube Shorts ideas to Increase Your Reach

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We've compiled a list of 15 YouTube video ideas that you can utilize to create engaging content.

  1. Dance Video: Showcase your choreography skills to captivate your audience.
  2. Educational Content: Share valuable knowledge on a topic of expertise to educate and inform viewers.
  3. Fitness and Sports: Tap into the fitness trend by creating workout or nutrition videos.
  4. Challenges: Engage your friends or subscribers with challenge videos featuring fun tasks.
  5. Reacting to Comments: Interact with your audience by reacting to comments left on your videos.
  6. Interviews with Influential Figures: Conduct interviews with popular personalities to draw attention to your channel.
  7. Product Advertising: Promote your own products to boost your business's visibility.
  8. Interesting Facts: Share intriguing facts to capture viewers' interest with new and fascinating information.
  9. Cooking Recipes: Create concise and visually appealing cooking tutorials to cater to culinary enthusiasts.
  10. Quotations from Notable Figures: Compile inspiring quotes from famous individuals to inspire your audience.
  11. Time-lapse Videos: Showcase captivating time-lapse footage of cityscapes or travel experiences.
  12. Film Reviews: Provide insights into movies you've watched without giving away spoilers to spark curiosity.
  13. Latest News in Your Field: Keep your audience informed with updates and developments in your area of interest.
  14. Animal Videos: Share heartwarming or amusing moments with pets or animals to entertain your viewers.
  15. Artistic Demonstrations: Showcase your artistic talent by creating speed drawing or painting videos to engage your audience.

How to repurpose your content into YouTube Short ideas seamlessly with Riverside

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Using your videos again for reuse is a fantastic idea that can garner hundreds of thousands of additional views. Utilize YouTube's special function to select your video and trim the most captivating moments for YouTube Shorts. This way, you can generate a dozen new short videos on your channel, showcasing the most engaging segments from your main long video. If you prefer not to create short videos after publishing the main video, you can do so beforehand. Simply take your main video and create short teasers from it. Upload these short videos along with your main video so that viewers can see them as previews of the main content.

FAQs on YouTube Shorts Ideas

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Why are YouTube Shorts so popular?

YouTube Shorts videos have gained immense popularity due to people's preference for quick, vertical videos that can be consumed easily without much time investment.

What content is suitable for YouTube Shorts videos?

The content for YouTube Shorts videos should focus on captivating topics that immediately grab viewers' attention. Statistics show that viewers typically decide whether to continue watching within the first two seconds, so it's crucial to hook them right from the start.

How often should you make YouTube Shorts videos?

It's advisable to produce YouTube Shorts videos as frequently as possible. If you have the capacity to create content daily or every other day, it's recommended to maintain such consistency.

How to make an attractive video?

To create an attractive video, it's essential to focus on both lighting and scripting. Proper lighting enhances the visual appeal of your video, making it more engaging for viewers. Additionally, a well-crafted script ensures that your content is compelling and holds the audience's interest, increasing the likelihood of viewers subscribing to your channel.

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Popular bloggers frequently conduct an in-depth analysis of current trends and understand what topics capture people's interest. To generate a compelling video idea, it's essential to pay attention to ongoing trends and popular content. Moreover, bloggers are known for their innovative approaches and willingness to experiment, which contributes to their large subscriber base and high view counts. Exploring new possibilities in video creation and regularly experimenting with content can naturally spark new ideas without much effort.



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