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What is viral marketing, anyway?

What is viral marketing, anyway?

Some people have not used social networks and still do not know many nuances that seem to some as simple as shelling pears. The same can be said about marketing and advertising in general, a few people are interested in advertising and how it works just without delving into this topic. But, this particular tool, when used correctly, can bear fruit that people do not even think about.

And to use advertising and marketing, you do not need to be a professional or study for this profession for many years, you just need to delve into and understand what is being done and how. Therefore, we will help you understand this difficult topic by giving useful tips that can explain everything in a language that everyone understands.

We can talk about high-quality advertising for a long time, but we can single out the most popular viral marketing that has been and are at the moment. The most trendy example is the company Old Spice, which came up with an incredible advertising move that attracted almost the entire male audience.

The main asset of this marketing company is the slogan humor and a non-standard kind of presentation to the viewer, with the help of this approach the company has achieved impressive success. With the help of viral promotion, which also contained the intriguing phrase “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”, the company's sales increased a hundredfold, which is an indicator of one of the highest quality advertisements.

What are some notable viral marketing examples?

Speaking about Old Spice, we can conclude that advertising can be made not only simple and easy, but also attractive at the same time, but other examples show advertising from a completely different perspective. For instance, Dove and the “Sketches of Real Beauty” marketing campaign, with the help of this advertising, were able to attract about a billion people, and in just a day more than 100 million people watched their videos.

The whole point of advertising is that the artist makes two sketches of a woman whom he does not see, the first with a description of a stranger, and the second of the woman herself. The sketch of the strangers looks much better than the description of the woman herself. The main slogan of this advertisement is “You are more beautiful than you think”, and the moral of all this is that the purpose of advertising is not the product itself, but the perception of women towards themselves. With this approach, the company attracted 80% more audience to itself.

What do most viral marketing campaigns have in common?

What is viral marketing, anyway? — Photo №1

If we talk about what unites the most popular companies, then we can safely say that this is a viral marketing strategy, thanks to a carefully thought-out strategy, companies achieve great success. And they don’t think it over for a month or two. Sometimes they think about such ideas that we described above for years and decades, but in the end, a result is obtained that was simply expected.

Viral social media that are now at the peak of popularity

And it is worth saying that most of the advertisements are made on social networks because a huge number of people of the moment are there almost every day. Therefore, for example, companies are thinking about viral video marketing for themselves, which they promote on TikTok or Instagram, and with the help of these platforms, they receive a huge influx of audience and buyers.

Where to start with viral marketing

To start your advertising or marketing campaign, we recommend that you, foremost, pay attention and follow the companies that specialize in this. Having chosen the right types of viral marketing for yourself, absorb the best qualities of some companies and start your journey of advertising development, which will further help you with content promotion.



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