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TikTok vs YouTube what to choose in 2022

TikTok vs YouTube what to choose in 2022

Updated:  Jul 21, 2024
Created:  Sep 22, 2022
Time to read:  1 min

Such a social network as YouTube appeared a long time ago, in 2005 people were able to share their videos. And until 2016, people thought that it was impossible to come up with a site better than this. But suddenly TikTok appeared, which turned all the rules upside down and began to dictate their own. In just a few years, these two platforms have become even in terms of popularity, but disputes have remained to this day. Therefore, today we will talk about which social network is still better.

It is better to shoot content on TikTok or YouTube

Looking at the current year 2022, one can understand that YouTube still remains the leader in terms of the number of users who have downloaded and used this application. But if you ask the masses where it is easier and more convenient to start your career, many will answer that this social network is TikTok. And most likely this is due to the fact that content on TikTok is perceived as much easier and simpler due to its length, videos that last literally 15 seconds cannot get boring, and you want to watch them without stopping. Therefore, it is easier to start by creating top content on TikTok.

Why is TikTok better than YouTube

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If you read what was above, you could understand that TikTok is better due to the simplicity of the content, it is also worth saying that it is much easier to come up with ideas for this social network. Or even if you don't have these ideas, you can simply use the best tips from the web to create your unique content. Which will gain popularity thanks to TikTok algorithms.

What to choose, YouTube or TikTok

We have already decided that the choice falls on TikTok because there are more pluses than minuses. But do not forget that you need to make high-quality videos that will attract people's attention. Using cool effects and transitions, you can attract many times more audiences to your clips because it will be simply difficult for people to take their eyes off your videos.



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