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How to share and watch videos on Twitter

How to share and watch videos on Twitter

Twitter is a giant social media platform that does not need introduction in 2023 as it is already very popular across the world. And video content is also blooming the trends on the site. According to researchers videos on Twitter tend to get more retweets than Tweets containing images or GIFs. However, video format requirements are very strict. Have you ever failed trying to upload a video on Twitter? This could be for many reasons. Let us give you tips and talk about everything important about posting videos to Twitter.

How to post video on Twitter

To post a video on Twitter you need that video to follow the chart:

  • MP4 or MOV format contained by H264 codec and ACC codec for the audio. MP4 is preferred if you don’t want to lose in quality a lot.
  • 60 frames per second or less
  • Aspect Ratios to recommend: 1280×720 (Landscape), 720×1280 (Portrait), 720×720 (Square)
  • Resolution 32×32 – 1200×1920
  • Filesize 512 Mb max
  • 140 seconds (2 min 20 sec)

Thus, if you have your video failed uploading this could be one of those. If you have everything done right, and have your video not just edited with effects and transitions but following the format and ratio restrictions, then it is time to Tweet it out!

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Upload and Tweet a video

You can post videos on Twitter and use both smartphone and desktop versions for that.

There are no differences and the process below is applicable for both.

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Video Twitter posting with smartphone/PC

  1. Open Twitter app
  2. Log in to your account if you have it or create a new one.
  3. Open a tweet box at the top of your Twitter feed or click the compose button
  4. Here you will see the camera icon which stands for images and videos and attach your video. You can also upload the video from your device storage.
  5. You may want to add a caption here and mention other users by using the “@” symbol with their username right after it.
  6. Share your video by clicking the “Tweet” button.

Twitter video size

Twitter videos are usually limited in length but we will also describe how you can extend those limitations. Default Twitter video uploads should not be larger than 512 Megabytes and 140 seconds in length max to be accepted. That is how it works for most accounts. But if you want your Twitter video limit exceeded, you need to be Twitter’s advertising partner.

For that you need to go to and see if you are qualified to manage advertising services. Twitter advertising accounts may upload videos that are up to 10 minutes long. Otherwise, there is no way to bypass the limitation other than directly posting a link leading to YouTube or any other video hosting platform which will only redirect the viewer.

Watching videos on Twitter

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Twitter will play videos in feeds automatically, which can be important if you have internet limits, especially for smartphones with expensive data plans and limited traffic.

To disable autoplay on iOS do the following:

  1. Find the Settings and Privacy section and go into it
  2. Find Data usage settings which should be under Accessibility display and languages settings.
  3. Choose Video Autoplay
  4. Here you can set conditions for autoplay to your taste selecting from Never, Cellular, or Wi-Fi only/ Wi-Fi.

To opt-out on Android you need to do the same steps as menus are represented equally for both Android and iOS with no difference.

You can have autoplay settings independent between the app and the desktop version.

Watching live videos on Twitter

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The platform also has the capabilities of other streaming platforms and allows you to live stream and watch them. Live broadcasts do not have the same limits as downloadable videos.

In addition to Twitter directly, you can watch broadcasts via AppleTV and Amazon Fire TV.



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