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How to make a Stunning Video Invitation Step-by-Step Guide

How to make a Stunning Video Invitation  Step-by-Step Guide

Updated:  Jul 23, 2024
Created:  Nov 28, 2023
Time to read:  3 min

In 2023, traditional invitations written on paper are out of trend and have been replaced by videos as a more engaging way to invite your F&F to important events like birthdays or weddings, and so on. Creating a video invitation used to be a complex and expensive task, but not anymore. If you want to create a stunning video invitation you can choose services to create invitation videos online or use one that you are already familiar with.

How to create a video invitation

Before we start, we recommend preparing the assets and using them in a particular order to create invitation videos seamlessly and come in a storyline. Our video is supposed to contain clips and texts in general and you can also add animations if you are good at it or if the software of your choice has already enabled these types of libraries for asset usage.

Create birthday invitation video online free

There are plenty of budget-friendly apps and even options to create a birthday invitation video online for free. Choose one that has the most templates and the one accessible from web or desktop versions.

  1. Make a template

The best things are planned, so we want to create video invitations using a template to see the whole picture that we are going to fill with our image, text, animations, and footage.

  1. Prepare your image assets

If you are not good at art and not be able to create on your own, you can simply google search for images on your specific theme, such as a Birthday party.

  1. Gather your footage

Adding some memories to your template would be great for sharing good old times with your friends and giving them additional stimuli for visiting your party. Footage can be placed at the end of your invitation card to make a sort of recap on an upcoming event.

  1. Customize and Edit

Now the most entertaining part begins as you get to use a whole variety of effects animations and transitions to build up multiple scenes to merge them into a whole video eventually:

  • Text: Edit the text on the template to include the event details, such as the date, time, venue, and any special messages. You can also experiment with different fonts, colors, and sizes. You can use something like “Join us on Birthday/Wedding Party on Saturday night!” Or separate the text by means of having Invite-text aside from the event page (Wedding/Birthday) having certain image assets to follow these pages.
  • Images and Videos: Upload your own images or select from your online editor’s library to add background images or videos that complement your event theme. You can use the birthday child photo, a photo of your special guest, or anything relevant in the context.
  • Music: Enhance your invitation by adding background music from your audio library. Choose a track that matches the mood and tone of your event.
  • Animations: various animations and transitions make your video invitation more dynamic. Use these to add creative touches to your design. However. this is completely optional.
  • Duration and Transitions: Adjust the duration of each slide and add transitions between slides to give your video invitation a professional look and feel.

How to make a Stunning Video Invitation  Step-by-Step Guide — Photo №1

Now you can preview your video invitation to see if everything looks and sounds great as expected or continue with adjustments. As if you are good with the outcome, now you can download your video and share it with guests. Find a way to share the invitation, depending on the number of guests you may want to create a specific chat room for all the members to be gathered out there.

RSVP and Feedback

How to make a Stunning Video Invitation  Step-by-Step Guide — Photo №2

In addition, you can do an RSVP to get feedback from your guests and understand who comes and who won’t. Usually, online apps have a specific tab for RSVP feedback. Go to the dashboard where you will find the “RSVPs” tab and set it up to your preferences or make one with your own creativity.

Final thoughts on how to create a wedding invitation video

How to make a Stunning Video Invitation  Step-by-Step Guide — Photo №3

Creating a wedding video invitation comes in similar terms to birthday invitations, besides choosing an appropriate theme and relative templates from the library. When you create a video wedding invitation you can also import media to share your memorable photos and include them in your video invitation, show venue highlights so your guests have a sneak peek of where the event is going to happen, and all other kinds of storytelling and uniqueness on a theme, so your guests could not say “No”.



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