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How to Create Stop Motion Video on TikTok

How to Create Stop Motion Video on TikTok

How to Create Stop Motion Video on TikTok

TikTok has intervened media space with its new short video format and exploded in popularity in weeks. Content creators from all social media come to compete and go viral on the platform performing 15-second clips filled with transitions and effects to go into trends.

Knowing how to perform in front of your camera and creatively edit your clips is essential here. Today we are going to talk about how to create a stop motion effect on video for TikTok and also give you tips for the scene records.

How to do Stop-motion TikTok effect

Stop-motion is an advanced form of animation. To achieve that effect you need to photograph and then physically manipulate objects within your frame. Playing in a sequence, each frame creates an illusion of a moving object itself.

 Step #1

Get into VJump application and see the category for effects at the top of your screen right next to transitions. Here you will see templates that show you how would it look. Templates also contain visual instructions on how to perform the stop-motion effect on TikTok for the record and what actions to take. Each template has its own complexity level, and you may have a couple or multiple clips recorded following instructions of a template of your choice.

Step #2

We need to prepare our equipment first. We recommend your camera to be set on a tripod, in case you do not have one, use a solid surface and make sure your camera won’t move.

We need also to allocate a general position in front of the lens so that to not lose it Mark it with duct tape or use an erasable marker instead.


Shoot the number of scenes following the given template instructions to achieve the effect. Make sure to not deviate that much to avoid seams in editing afterward. As you have your records done, review them and send them to our editors to process.

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Why would you use VJump?

VJump is an advanced video editor that does not use filters or any algorithms. We have a team of professional editors who do the job manually using Adobe software such as Premier Pro and After Effects. This ensures quality and seamless editing to be met. This means that you do not have to edit your clips on your own which matters especially if you have no experience in this regard, so it saves your time and nerves. Besides, the application has a whole library of effects and transitions that includes the most trends from TikTok and gives you visual instructions on how to create them. Being both a tutorial and editor, VJump goes above the competition on the market and leaves other applications behind.

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Step-by-Step Guide on VJump

The app is compatible with Android and iPhone and is available for download on Google Play and App Store. Follow these steps to add a transition to your video:

  1. Open VJump
  2. Choose a TikTok stop-motion effect template to apply
  3. Follow the tutorial on the template
  4. Record the footage based on the instructions
  5. Send the footage to our editors
  6. Get your edited clip in 15–30 mins

With an exceptional team of qualified video editors, we make sure to provide seamless editing and premium-quality footage. All the assets you send allow us to emphasize your individual performance and your content will take off on a higher level on TikTok. Download VJump and get your best edits in less than half an hour and share it on social media of your choice be it TikTok, YT shorts, or Instagram Stories. Unleash new trends for yourself by learning tutorials within app templates and create your own unique style of content creation with stop-motion video effect!



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